Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Texas Children's Hospital, Houston

The Kangaroo Crew arrived earlier than expected, around 12:30. They're a nice group of guys -- one doctor, one nurse, and two respiratory therapists. Packing Eric up looked to me, an anxious observer, a logistical nightmare. All those wires, tubes, and tapes. But the guys were confident and competent, and after two hours of fussing with this and fiddling with that, Eric was in the ambulance and on his way to Lake Charles' Chenault Airport.

We crossed over the Sabine River into Texas; Eric and Bob flew over and I crossed the bridge, driven by my good friend Leslie. Poured down rain nearly the whole way, and we sat through at least two traffic jams. Another good friend, Susan, drove my car, so the two of them drove back together.

Eric tolerated the flight well, and has settled into his new room, coincidentally ICU 17, on the third floor, which kind of makes it 317, which is the the exact same room number he left earlier today. It's quite different here. Eric has a large corner room with giant windows on two sides that overlook downtown Houston. The blinds are pulled up, and I imagine office workers in nearby buildings getting quite a view during patient baths. There's no hospitality room or guest trays three times a day. And security into the ICU is strict. You have to enter ICU through a waiting room. Then through a hand washing room. Then through a locked door that's only unlocked after you display your visitor badge. Only two visitors at a time. The staff are very friendly, and so far don't seem to mind our incessant questions. We can't sleep in his room, but supposedly we can sleep in the waiting room. They've got some pretty comfy-looking recliners. We'll figure it all out.


Jess said...

Thank the Lord you're all there and safe. I'm praising God for Leslie and Susan, and thanking Him for His traveling mercies in this bad-for-driving weather. What wonderful friends you have.

We're waiting for miracles. I pray you see them soon.

Walter said...

Glad to hear the trip was safe. Thanks for keeping up with your blog; you know we will check here often since we will not be able to visit as much. You are still in our prayers.
Walt and Mary Ann

Aunt Lisa said...

I wonderful woman, Diana, shared this little prayer with me yesterday,

"God walked beside you yesterday, today you're in his care.

Don't worry about tomorrow because God's already there.

And the best thing about the future is that it only comes one day at a time.

So if you start to worry, just think of this little rhyme."

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Angie,
Kyler and I have been praying for Eric and your family. Reading your blog has brought back memories of when we lived in Houston w/ Ryan at MD Anderson Hospital. I believe we are closest to God when we are at our most difficult point in life. Give it all to the Lord- He will bring you through this. Sending a big hug and lots of prayers.
Love, Michele and Family

Jon said...

We are glad to learn that the trip went well and I hope that the night was uneventful. You were in the thoughts and prayers of Hiland at both the Saturday evening service and the Sunday service.

You truly have an army of prayer warriors lifting Eric up, every single day!

Linda M Au said...

Angie, thanks for taking time to update. We're all still praying here (First Word and all of us individually). Email me ( if you need anything in Houston. I have a Christian friend who lives there who'd be happy to help out if necessary.

Megan C said...

I am glad that Eric was able to arrive there safely. I'm praying that the doctors at this hospital will be able to help him in a way that the other hospital couldn't. You are all in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

I know that God is working to bring the right people into Eric's life at just the right time. I pray that they come forward quickly now that he's safely ensconced in Houston. Miracles happen every day. I can't wait to read about Eric's.

In the meantime, we at Hiland continue to pray.


leafmonster said...

I'm so glad to hear that the transfer to Houston went okay.
We continue to pray for Eric and Andrew and Bob and you.

Anonymous said...

Angie, we are so grateful for your updates. thank you so much for keeping up your blog.
"all y'all" are in our prayers!
Anne and Tom

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric, I just found out today that your history teacher is Heather Koonce. She and I have been friends for several years. I know she is hoping you will be up and about soon. I'm sure she misses seeing you in class. It's a small world. Hi to Mom and Dad.

Love, bev martin

jomama said...

Hope 3rd time's a charm...Carl's sister & family from Houston (Nancy and Tom Holley) were at Hiland today and heard the latest prayer concerns. They want to know how they and their church in Houston can help - in addition to adding you all to their prayer chains. Let me know and I'll exchange all the contact info you all will need. Blessings, Jo Miller