Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Friday, March 27, 2009

Best Day Yet

Eric has had an awesome day. All his vital signs have been superbly stable. His SpO2 has been 100% all day. (Vent settings; SIMV 13, pressure-limited at 16, PSV 10, PEEP 5, FiO2 .45) That left lower lobe pneumothorax that developed last evening has completely resolved. He had PT twice today, and sat on the edge of the bed for 5+ minutes! He's been awake, alert, all day, nearing the end of the sedation weaning protocol and no signs of withdrawl. He sent his friend Noelle in Hawaii an email, typed it all by himself. He's been writing us notes on his dry erase board all day, and he can't wait til Tuesday to get his tracheostomy. Somewhat worrisome is that they weighed Eric today. He weighs a mere 94 pounds. He was 130-135 prior to getting sick. But he's getting nutrition through both TPN and NG tube feedings now.

Eric's evening episodes the past two nights seem to be related to the fact that his left chest tube seems to be positional. As long as it stays in good position, Eric feels great. Otherwise . . . not so good.

Bob and I are attempting to take better care of ourselves. I took a walk today. Bob took a nap at the Ronald McDonald House. We have a room there tonight, so we should be able to take turns getting some good sleep.


Kimberly said...

Checking in on you guys and so thankful for this report. May tomorrow be even better!

Carol C Rotruck said...

Dear Angie and Bob
I have been reading your blog regularly and sharing info with Mom. We are quite worried for all of you but know that you all are very strong and will keep working hard to beat this thing. I was so impressed with your knowledge and then remembered, after I read it in the blog, that you are a respitory therapist. We pray for you all regularly and have the folks at our church praying also. God bless and heal all of you.
Your cousin in WV - Carol

Vicki said...

What a wonderful day! It must feel so good to see Eric sitting for five minutes! We're still praying here in New Stanton!

Anonymous said...

We are so excited that Eric has had such a great day! We're praying for no more setbacks. I'm glad you and Bob are getting some rest. I'll tell everyone to pray for Tuesday. Bobby enjoyed talking with Bob last night. Take care and tell Eric hello!

Susan & Bobby

Aunt Lisa said...

Hey Eric, I can't wait to hear about this Noelle who got the first e-mail! So glad to hear it was a great day. Love you!

Anonymous said...

right on!!!!

Debra Harris-Johnson said...

Prayed in church early this morning for you guys. God is so good!!!! Yea Eric. Be at peace and get some rest. Texas mom.

Shannon said...

What a great day. Hope tomorrow is even better, and I hope you and Bob are getting some rest tonight.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful news. Way to go Eric!

Anonymous said...

just have a minute... what a way to start my day! wonderful news!!!
love to all
Anne P

Anonymous said...


Meryl-Sue said...

So glad to read the encouraging report. You can't imagine how everyone awaits your daily blog. I am glad that you are getting some much needed rest.

May Eric continue to improve and hopefully this nightmare will be behind you real soon. Miss you.


Anonymous said...

hope eric fells better soon love zach and justin
p.s we are friends