Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Monday, March 23, 2009

Cause and Effect

It's just one thing after another. Eric is on SO MANY medications; at least three different antibiotics, steroids, (weaning off solumedrol, plus hydrocortisone), sedations ("low dose" IV pump fentynol and versed, plus PRN boluses). Some drugs can harm the kidneys and others the liver, so they have to monitor this. When he's on a ventilator, it's more comfortable for him to be slightly sedated, but when he's extubated, he has to suffer some withdrawl. When he has to wean off the sedation drugs, they give him methadone to ease the symptoms. They give him meds to counteract the effects of other meds. Saturday night when he had to be reintubated, they first gave him three different drugs to sedate him. This cocktail bottomed out his blood pressure to 40/20. I thought he was going to code right in front of me. So they pumped IV fluids, dopamine, and norepinephrine to get his BP up. Two days later, we're still trying to get him off these two drugs. And now he's started having PVCs (premature ventricular contractions, a mild but worrisome heart arrhythmia) They tell us now his lymphocyte count is low, that as a result, he's susceptable to many opportunistic infections. They're primarily worried about pneumocystis carinii (PCP). They did a broncho-alveolar lavage to obtain a sputum sample to rule this out, but there weren't enough cells, so they still don't know. They may have to do a bronchoscopy to get this sample. In the meantime, they want to treat prophylactically. Only two drugs treat PCP . . . Bactrim! Obviously, we're not going there, as we suspect that's what caused this whole disaster in the first place. And pentamidine, a hard core drug if you ask me. I find myself wanting to scream, "God, get us out of here!" We've been told, and indeed have witnessed first hand, ICUs are dangerous places, fraught with subjective human decisions, errors, drug reactions and interactions, GERMS. Don't get me wrong, the doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, even the cleaning staff, are wonderful here. But still . . . it's a scary place. Sometimes I think my mouth is hurting, and then I realize, I've been gritting my teeth.

Anyway, as I mentioned in previous post, today there will be major meetings to determine the best course of action(s) for Eric. And I've been praying like crazy that our Divine Healer will be the physician in charge there, that he'll be present and give these doctors wisdom to know the right things to do.


The Stretch Family said...

We will be waiting and checking for your next post with the news of any decisions made today. Of course, we continue to pray for you, and today we will pray for the doctors as well. You are never far from our thoughts.

Vicki Loucks said...

We join you in that prayer of wisdom for the doctors as they meet today. Also praying that you continue to stand strong in the craziness that is an ICU unit.

Anonymous said...

1 Thessalonians 5:17

17 Never stop praying.

Your friends at Hiland remain beside you in prayer.


jess said...

Father, Father, have mercy on Eric. Touch him Lord with your healing love...inside and out, Lord. Touch each physician, Father, everyone who has any contact with Eric, touch their minds, their hearts--giving them wisdom. Father God protect Eric from bad/wrong decisions, fill his medical team with wisdom, give them a heart for treating him as if he's their very own flesh and blood. Lord-God, save him, heal him...we're pleading for your healing touch. We love you Father God, we praise your name, we know and believe everything, EVERYthing comes through You. Let the healing touch of these many doctors and procedures come through you. Lord God, this baby, this sweet young man that we all have grown to love is in Your almighty hands.

Give Angie and Bob peace and wisdom; let them feel your presence. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Angie, Eric, and the whole family, you are in my prayers as I rise each morning and as I go to bed at night, not to mention during the day. I pray that the doctors have the wisdom and knowledge to do what is necessary to bring Eric and all of you through this latest trial. Know we love you and are here for whatever you need.

Love to all,

Anonymous said...

Father, Your Word will cause Eric to prevail. Even though a thousand may fall at his side and ten thousand at his right hand, it shall NOT come near him, for You've given Your angels charge over him. They keep Eric in all his ways. In Eric's pathway is life, healing, and prosperity, for Abraham's blessings are his! Christ has redeemed Eric from poverty, sickness and spiritual death. Therefore I (Angie and Bob) boldly confess that Eric is the redeemed of the Lord.
Thank You Father for Your Word that heals Eric. In Jesus Name. Amen

Anonymous said...

Please go to (Kenneth Copeland) and listen to the broadcast for today. I believe it will impart faith and wisdom in you for Eric. May you receive revelation knowledge and wisdom as you listen to the Word. God bless you

Sara said...

Prayers continue from the Judsons, too and many of our friends and my co-workers here at St Pat's. I got a first hand update from Ann and am so glad you got to see Andrew! Our prayers will continue and specifically for the wisdom for the medical team today and for Eric's strength.

leafmonster said...

Hi, Angie,
I'm praying constantly, for healing, for wisdom, for all of y'all.

Nancy McCulloch Wendell said...

"a total stranger" is praying for you in Frisco, TX. I am a high school friend of Susan Dilmore's...we've recently reconnected on Facebook. I've been keeping up with what's been going on with Eric and am praying HARD for the doctors to find the right solution to help him, as well as for you to feel His presence. I have 3 boys of my own and can't even begin to imagine what you are going through. My prayers are with you.

Meryl-Sue said...

You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. We are all anxiously awaiting good news and look forward to each of your postings.

May our heavenly Father continue to watch over all of you, especially Eric. May He guide the hearts and minds of the medical staff at TCH. We can be assured of this for He is the divine Healer.