Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Saturday, March 28, 2009


As I mentioned in a previous post, Pediatric ICU is a sad place. Even here at Texas Children's Hospital, this mecca for quality health care, kids don't always make it. Yesterday afternoon, another baby died. Another mother's child. Despite being surrounded by a vast extended family, the mom was inconsolable. Watching her tears I saw a grief I can't begin to imagine, a pain I hope I never know. My heart broke for her. And all I could do was pray. What made it even more difficult is that this one-year-old died of complications from leukemia, and I remembered my dear friend Michele.

I did our laundry in the Ronald McDonald House this morning. I didn't think I'd enjoy doing laundry, but was surprised to find that it actually felt good to do something so normal. You know what else I miss? Cooking. I want to make dinner for my family, all four of us, and sit down together in the breakfast nook. Normal. We'll get there.

Eric had another great day today, similar to yesterday. Except he dangled bedside 6 minutes today. Wasn't easy, but he pushed himself. Then we had several visitors this afternoon. Eric's aunt, uncle, and cousin from here in Houston. And Eric's beloved math teacher, Ms. DeFelice came and brought Andrew and my mom-in-law Pat. Great to see everyone. I think Eric especially enjoyed the visits. Wore him out though. He should sleep well tonight.

While my sister-in-law Cathy and Ms. DeFelice sat with Eric, the rest of us went out to dinner at a great Chinese place. It was good to get out of the hospital for awhile. Yet at the same time, I was somewhat apprehensive and anxious to get back. Of course, Eric was fine.


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Two 'great' days. Prayers do work. I am here in Baton Rouge with my daughter, son, and grandson. Aren't computers great, I can keep up with Eric's progress even when I'm not home. Tomorrow at Mass we will be lifting Eric up and praying for his 'fast' recovery'. I'm so glad your were able to have a nice family dinner. Hi to Andrew, he is a real trooper during this time of all pulling together to get his brother home.

Prayers always.
Love you, bev

Anonymous said...

Thank You Jesus!!!!

Linda M Au said...

Two good days in a row. We're praying up here that this is a growing trend, with all great days ahead for Eric!

Keep up the updates, Angie. They are therapeutic for those of us praying as well as for you, I'm sure.

Winona said...

What a wonderfully hopeful post! I am elated. Frank and I will be bringing Ronny to M.D. Anderson on Thursday the 2nd and will be there through Tuesday at least. I will call you. Hope to be able to take you and Bob out to dinner or lunch. Especially hope to visit Eric. Take a few hours one day and visit the zoo or some of the many museums in the medical center area...Continued prayers and thoughts.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that Eric is continuing to improve. I'm watching and recording Wynton Marsalis on PBS for him right now, it's incredible! I'm glad that he got to see his favorite teacher again and the family. Jen has really been keep in touch about his status and progress all the way thru. Anyway, I hope to come down soon for another visit! Glad you went OUT to eat! Good for you!
Love you all!