Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Friday, March 13, 2009

Houston Update

Just an update on the plan to go to Houston. Dr. Jordan spoke with a doc in Houston, who seems to be okay, even impressed, with what's happened so far in Eric's care, and had no suggestions for the time being. He is happy with where Eric is at regarding ventilator settings and vital signs. We are currently sending all Eric's records to Houston for them to review, and the plan is to keep Eric stable over the weekend and transfer on Monday.


Chad, Katie and Chloe said...

Angie and crew,
We love you guys and are holding you in our hearts as you go through these difficult times. We are getting a small (very small) tAste of what you are experiencing since new baby caleb (born Monday) is in the NICU right now. What a blessing these md's and nurses are! Warm hugs and prayers from your extended Pittsburgh family.
Katie, Chad, Chloe and Caleb

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie and Family,

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. May God grant all of you peace and comfort through His Holy Spirit. May He continue to heal Eric, and breathe new life into his lungs. God Bless you.

Kelli Schell and family

Linda Parish Hill said...

Angie and Eric, you don't know me, but Bob does, and so do Colonel, Pat, Sue, Cathy & Steve.... You have ALL been in my prayers ever since we first got word that Eric was having a rough go. My parents, Joe and Helen Parish live across the street from where the Dilmore family lived when they were in New Martinsville, and they are ALL very special folks, which make YOU special, too. Please know we are praying fervently for a joyful resolution to your situation. God Bless. We love you. Linda Parish Hill

Anonymous said...

Angie and Bob
I go to sleep and wake up, and you are my first and last thought and prayer. Please know that you are all so loved and cared about. Tom and I pray for Eric's body (and mind) to heal, and for him to feel encouraged by any progress, however slow it may seem. Thank you for keeping us updated in your blog, Angie.
God bless you all!
Anne P.