Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Day at a Time

We went to CAT scan today, but otherwise, a quiet day. Eric remains stable. They weaned a bit on the ventilator, moreso for the purposes of safer parameters (currently, pressure (16) SIMV 18, FiO2 .45, PEEP 5) , rather than a goal of extubation at this point. He'll need to remain intubated for some time both for secretion clearance and until he gains strength back. They're feeding him TPN and also later tonight will begin nasal-duodenum (nutrition put directly into the intestine) later this evening.

We'll know more about the plan for Eric tomorrow. The doctors will have a big powwow then to discuss the best course of action for Eric. We're guessing that plan will include surgery. When is the question. One day at a time.

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jomama said...

Hi Dilmores - Carl's sister and family from Houston (Tom & Nancy Holley) were at Hiland today and heard the latest update. They want to know what they and their church in Houston can do for you - already you're on their prayer chain. Let me know and I'll get contact info for you. You, esp. Eric, are at the top of my prayer-without-ceasing list. Blessings, Jo Miller