Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Thursday, March 12, 2009

One Day at a Time

Eric was stable overnight. Dr. Thompson would like to take steps to wean Eric off the ventilator. Guaranteed, this will be a slow process, but we'd still like to see it happen sooner rather than later. Eric is now on the mode of ventilation where he initiates all breaths, but then is given a boost from the vent with each breath (PSV/CPAP) Right now, he's breathing pretty fast, and his SaO2 is on the low side, so please pray that he can be comfortable and his SaO2 will go up.


Vicki Loucks said...

Hi Angie,
You don't know me, I attend church with your sister Sue. We've been praying for Eric. Just wanted to let you know that the prayers continue from New Stanton, PA.
Vicki Loucks

Anonymous said...

Eric and your family continue to be in our thoughts in prayers.

Lisa B.

Fara said...

All of you are in my prayers. Our church has been praying and Shirley has been keep St. David's informed. Stay strong and don't forget to take care of yourself.


bkmarty44 said...

I am glad to hear that Eric is able to initiate breaths. He is at the top of my prayer list. He is on the prayer list at church. I hope it won't be too long until all of you are settled back at home.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie,
I am Kearnie Dilmore's cousin from West Virginia and Brenda Barrett has kept us abreast of Eric's condition. Please know that
all of you are in our prayers. It sounds like a very unusual case. Thank you for writing the blog. It makes the situation more clear to me. Diane Kradel

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie,
Hey, it's your OLD Passavant collegues checking in to offer our prayers, thoughts and any resources that you may need or want from us. We have been following Eric's journey and we appreciate the daily updates. We sure do hope for continued improvement in his condition. We pray for strength for you and your family during this difficult time.
Wolfie, Lori, Jackie, Kris, Rosemary, Alice, and the rest of your Respiratory friends in Pgh.

Sheri said...

We continue to pray for Eric's recovery and know that God can and will heal him. We pray for you and your family also to have the strength you need physically and mentally.

Cheri said...

Tell Bob that his co-workers are asking dailey about Eric's recovery and we continue to pray for him daily. You can always call on us if you need something.


Anonymous said...

Hi Angie,
Jim has kept me informed about Eric. Your family is in the prayers of my family and new friens here in Austin. God bless.

Anonymous said...

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Memorial Hermann Less than 1%
The Methodist Less than 1%
St Lukes Episcopal Less than 1%
Christus St Patrick 1.40%
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Lake Charles Memorial 3.52%

Candis said...

Angie - Still following Eric's progress - and praying for his steady recovery - and *your* continued good health, as well your family's. What a tough journey this has turned out to be - yet you all press on. My thoughts are with you.