Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Friday, March 6, 2009

Plan for the Day

Eric is less short of breath today, since getting a new chest tube last night. But he fatigues so easily. He's been increasing the length of time sitting in a chair each morning and afternoon, this morning over an hour. And he's completely exhausted afterwards. After a rest, he played a game of cards with Bob. Then he's exhausted again. His appetite still isn't where we'd like it to be, still can't eat very much. Dr. Thompson asked Eric this morning, "So what's your plan for the day?" Eric said, "PT and eating." Right answer.


jess said...

Awwww. Is there something, anything he'd like from Piccadily? I could bring it tomorrow after our BWG meeting and lunch. I'd be happy to--is there a book or magazine he'd like from BAM? Let me know. I'd love to bring him a treat... or a milk shake. Just holler or text.
Love you and I'll miss you tomorrow. You probably know our speaker cancelled so I'm winging it with writing exercises and crits. I can STILL hear you reading my poems & stories aloud last month...and I still say your sweet voice can make anything sound good. :)
Hug Eric for me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie,
I'm still praying for Eric. This is great news that he is healing and getting stronger!

Hugs and prayers,

Candis said...

I always say - real progress is like a turtle crossing the road - takes it awhile for it to get there - but compared to where it was yesterday - you can really see the difference.

Stargazer said...

Angie, the positive news is wonderful. Yes, God does answer prayer. Thank You, Lord. Now Eric needs some laughter. Have you tried funny cd s? Or there may not be a cd player available in the hospital...hmmm. You'll figure something out. Bet you didn't know I'm a doctor, did you?

We had a really good BWG meeting yesterday. Jess is incredible, altho' she's too humble to take the credit. We missed you.

May the Holy Spirit continue His work on your precious Eric's lungs, give him patience, and may He minister to you in a very special way too.
Love, Pat Marcantel