Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Monday, March 9, 2009

Surgery Tuesday Morning

We just spoke with the thoracic surgeon. He's "impressed" with Eric's CT scan, as in he's never seen anything quite as unbelievable in someone so young. Nearly, if not all, of Eric's right upper lobe is obliterated with blebs (large air sacs, instead of the normal microscopic alveoli), and will have to be removed. But he's optimistic that Eric has enough viable lung tissue that he should be significantly improved after the surgery. The left upper lobe has significant blebs also, but not nearly as "impressive" as the right side. They'll likely have to operate on the left side as well, but we're taking care of the right side first. First thing tomorrow morning. Please pray for Eric to sleep tonight. That's been a problem. And for wisdom and skill for the surgeon tomorrow morning.


Lois Rebich said...

Eric will indeed be in my prayers tonight and tomorrow as he heads to surgery.

I have learned in my prayer life to ask the Lord to give those I'm praying for what he/she needs spiritually,physically and emotionally to take on their challenges. He knows so much better than we do.

So when I lift Eric up in prayer, I will ask God to grant Eric all he needs to take on this surgery and proceed full speed ahead to a full recovery.

Good luck, Eric - all your friends at Ross are pulling for you!

Mrs. Rebich

Winona said...

Angie--I'll typr fsst, then I'm off to pray for Eric, you, Bob, Andrew and all of your family. Plus the medical team. Wish I could do something to help you.



Debra Harris-Johnson said...

An unknown mother from Texas is praying right now for your family. May God's mercy and the healing power of His son Jesus bless Eric with a full recovery.Lord please refresh this family, mind, body and spirit. Always in your name Father we pray. Amen

jess said...

Praying, Angie. I sent a prayer request to my Sunday School class. I just got back in town... had no idea surgery was scheduled. I pray God guides the hands of the surgeon and gives him wisdom.

Aunt Lisa said...

It's 7:00, time for the surgery. I'm praying, praying, praying for God to watch over Eric during his surgery, guide the surgeon and his staff and give Eric what he needs to stop his shortness of breath and allow him to move on with his recovery and get back to all the things he loves. Lord please hear our prayers.

Anonymous said...

We are praying for you all. Often. And thinking of you so much.
At least there is an answer to the question of why Eric has been struggling to recover, and we pray for a quick and full recovery.
Anne and Tom