Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Eric has been "stable" through the night. But it doesn't seem very stable to me. It seems very precarious. He's not ventilating well at all. His vent settings are PSV 35, PEEP 8, FiO2 .90, RR 35. His peak pressures are high, around 50. On that, his PaCO2 is 124, PaO2 67, pH 7.1something, SaO2 88-91. To my non-medical friends and readers, it's all bad. Yesterday, prior to surgery, his SaO2 was 100 on a 3 liter nasal cannula. The surgeon reported his SaO2 was 100 and his PaCO2 was 40 throughout surgery. What happened in recovery!! We haven't seen his morning chest X-ray or his doctor yet this AM, who happens to be off today but we're hoping he comes in anyway. But, needless to say, Bob and I are extremely anxious, worried, exhausted. Because they're so busy with him, the nurses ask us not to be in his room except for an occasional "peak." Last night was the first night since admission that either Bob or I wasn't with him all night. We promised him we wouldn't leave him. Of course, he's heavily sedated right now, but he still may know we're not there.


Kimberly said...

I'm praying that the Lord provides Eric "company" when you cannot be there next to him. May His spirit breathe new breath into those lungs today.


Anonymous said...

I come to you in agreement with Angie, that a host of your holy angel wills surround Eric when him mom or dad cannot be with him. I agree that just as the Holy Spirit can breathe new life into us, that you will breathe life into Eric's lungs today. We give You all the praise and glory, forever. Amen.
Dee Dee Breaux

Anonymous said...

Dear God, please breathe new life into Eric's lungs today; heal them and give him the strength that he needs. Be with him when his parents cannot; comfort him with your peace and your presence. Surround his parents with your comfort and love. Guide the doctors and nurses who care for Eric; give them wisdom, clarity, and creativity beyond their own in meeting his needs. We give thanks for your mighty presence that never leaves us. Amen.

Jon said...

Please know that are thinking of and praying for Eric constantly. And for you, Bob and Andrew and all the hospital staff too.

Jon, Missy, Eric and Jesse.

Anonymous said...

My family and I send all of our prayers and support. Keeping all of you in our hearts.

jess said...

I'm in agreement with Kimberly, DeeDee and the other prayer warriors who have posted here. Lord, touch Eric inside and out, breathe new life into him and make him stronger than ever. We ask this in Jesus' holy name.

LKHarris-Kolp said...

I'm praying too. May God bless you.

leafmonster said...

Dear Angie and Bob, Eric and Andrew,
I just want to reaffirm that we love you and are constantly thinking of you. I am praying all the time.
- Carolyn

Anonymous said...

Angie, I continue to lift Eric up in prayer every time I think of you or him, which is often! You know that your Lord and Savior is holding his hand, as He also holds yours. I pray that the Pneuma (breath, spirit) of God fills Eric's lungs, healing and strengthening him. We love you, Angie & Bob & Andrew!!
Diana Thibodeaux and all of Gateway Church of God