Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So Far So Good

Eric had a great night, very stable, and I think he slept better than in a long time. He's required very little pain medication post-op, so he's been awake, communicating, and comfortable most all morning. Right now, he's napping with this black eye mask on that his favorite night nurse gave him. So cute. And it's so awesome to see his face without all that tape on it and that tube hanging out of his mouth. He looks great in that respect.

His left chest tube is behaving itself for the most part, just a couple times last night it needed some tinkering. Of note, and I haven't mentioned this because it's been such a non-issue, is that his right chest tube is barely bubbling, but on this side, that's great news, because on x-ray, his right lung is fully expanded (this was a problem a few weeks ago) and the lack of bubbles mean the leak there is finally healing, hopefully. A few weeks ago, that leak was so bad, they thought Eric would eventually require more surgery to close the leak. The surgery that Eric had so many weeks ago back in Lake Charles finally seems to be a success. So it would seem that his lungs are healing, the holes are closing, at least on the right. Now if we could just get that left side to heal . . .

Bob and I are doing well. Ever since the attending physician had that talk with us about taking better care of ourselves, we've had a room in the Ronald McDonald House every night. I think it's been five nights in a row or something like that, I'm losing count. I think that doctor must have slipped the charge nurse, who makes the room assignments, a twenty or something. We're just grateful. It's not perfect. I sleep from 8 or 9 till 3:15 AM, then Bob sleeps from 3:45 to as late as he can sleep. Check out time is 11:00. Certainly better than trying to sleep in that waiting room.

I guess it will be pretty boring around here for a few days. As a "fresh trach," Eric is expected to be very still to allow the trach to heal. No sitting up high to write emails, no physical therapy. Just sleep, TV, or listening to either music or his dad reading to him.

On an exciting note, my two sisters, Sue and Lisa, are coming from Pittsburgh to visit us for two days. Can't wait to see them. And my mom, Andrew, and some neighbor friends will be here Saturday and Sunday.

God is good.


Anonymous said...

Yes God is so good. This is what we have been praying for. Thank You Jesus for your word that is bringing healing to Eric's lungs. Thank you that every leak is closing and his lungs expand the way they were created to function. Father take every malfunction in Eric's body and correct it. Make Eric healthier than he was before all this happened. You Father take the bad situations in our lives and make good come out of them.

Have a wonderful blessed day all of you!

leafmonster said...

I'm so glad to hear about Eric's right lung holes healing. I had prayed so hard for that to happen. Now for the other lung...I will continue to pray. Every time I take a deep breath I save part of it for Eric.
Also glad to hear that you will be able to see your family from Pittsburgh.
- Carolyn

Candis said...

Excellent news Angie - so great to learn that Eric is showing progress. Thinking about all of you....

Anonymous said...

hay this is zach merghart and justin liptak. we are friends with eric d. he is always in our prayrs. we hope he fells better soon because we miss him.

Anonymous said...

It was so good to here that Eric is making such good progress. It is amazing what the human body can endure and how it can heal itself with divine intervention. I know you are looking forward to seeing family this weekend. I am also glad that you and Bob are beginning to take better care of yourselves. I suppose the way you have handled things is exactly how any loving parent would act. I took today's blog to lunch for all to read. We miss you and hope it won't be too long before you and your family are back with us. When Eric gets stronger the group may just have to take a road trip to Houston. You are in our prayers.

Love you, bev

Meryl-Sue said...

As always, my love, thoughts and prayers are with all of you. The news is great. May Eric's lungs continue to heal. So glad you are finally getting some much needed rest.
God is awesome...

Anonymous said...

Very glad to hear this news. You all continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Glad everything went well with the surgery. Take care and God bless.

Schell Family

Vicki Loucks said...

The news is wonderful...Sue mentioned how excited she is to be able to visit this week. We continue to pray for a quick and complete recovery for Eric.

Terry said...

It is truly wonderful to hear such good news. I have been praying for you and keeping up to date reading your blogs. Thanks for taking the time to post. I will continue to pray for Eric and your family until he is completely recovered.

May God's grace continue to give you comfort.

Love from the 'burgh.

jess said...

I'm in agreement with Anonymous: Father God, take every malfunction in Eric's body and correct it. make Eric healthier than he was before all this happened.
Amen and Amen.

We sure do miss you. Praying the McD room is always available to you so that you and Bob can get the rest you need. I know your sisters will be so glad to be there with you...even for a short time.

Anonymous said...

What fabulous news! I can't wait to find out what Eric's first "real food" request will be.

God is great indeed!


Anonymous said...

Angie, I am glad to hear y'all are getting some rest. It is such a blessing to read your words each day, through the rough and encouraging times, you continually release your faith in the Father and write of His goodness. He IS the Master Physician. He IS in control. We miss Eric and are here if Andrew needs anything here in the Bluff. Thank you for taking the time each day to allow us a peek into what the Lord is doing on a moment by moment in your lives.
the Farquhars

Anonymous said...

Thank God for the latest news!
I had a patient at work the other day; a man about my age in for a minor procedure. At age 16 he had suffered a serious trauma, and among other problems, lost a kidney. The whole ordeal inspired him to become the nephrologist that he is today...
God will use this ordeal to work good in all of your lives.
Continue to take care.

Pghpauls1 said...

We are thrilled with the most recent news about Eric. Thank you, thank you, thank you for keeping us up to date on what's happening. Nancy and I offered prayers of thanksgiving to the Holy One this morning for the signs of recovery/healing in Eric. You are never far from our conscious thoughts.

Bill and Nancy Paul