Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

He Talks

Speech therapy came by again with Eric's Passy-Muir valve. He talked quite out loud today. Such a simple pleasure, hearing my son's voice. The issue with the valve is that the cuff on the trach tube has to be deflated when using the valve, and Eric struggles more with the large volume of mucus from his lungs when the cuff is deflated. So he can't use the valve for very long periods. PT/OT went well this afternoon. The morning session was difficult because the pharmacy department here at TCH is incompetent. Eric is supposed to get a little lidocaine down his trach tube to suppress his cough some during PT, but they didn't have it on the floor for Eric this AM. And you'd think we were asking them to move a mountain to get some. Such a simple thing. Pharmacy is infuriating at this place. We've had issues with them from the beginning. In their defense, Jeff, the pharmacist in ICU, has been very helpful in making sure the bactrim reaction has been reported to all the proper places.

Andrew and I went swimming with my new friend Lee Ann and her two kids this afternoon. A little chilly, but the hot tub was great.

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Anonymous said...

What a plesure it must have been to hear Eric speaking. We fuss when they are loud and miss it greatly when they can't talk. Glad you and Andrew got to swim. You were in our thoughts at lunch today. We went to a little tea room across from the Sat. Farmer's Market. When you get back, we'll have to go one day.

Love to all, bev