Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Friday, April 17, 2009

Rainy Friday

It's been a quiet day for Eric, not too many doctors strolling in. He played dominos and a Star Wars Playstation video game with Andrew. His Grandpa Dilmore bought him his own MacBook computer, which he just got last night, and Eric spends a lot of time on that. It seems to relax him. He's comfortable today, very stable, heart rate and respiratory rate has been lower, oxygen saturation higher, less cough and shortness of breath. In morning PT/OT, he stood at the sink to brush his teeth (instead of sitting in bed) and played beach ball standing instead of sitting. For the afternoon session, he walked again, farther than yesterday. 100 feet (50 X 2). Not bad for his second day of ambulation. Each day, Becky and Julie push him a bit more, and Eric is always up to the challenge.

It's storming like crazy here right now, the sky dark as dusk in winter, lit up by occasional flashes of lightening, thunder echoing through the canyon-like city streets, sheets of rain battering the buildings. Bob's sister Sue was flying here from Dallas today, and she'd been stuck on the tarmac for hours due to weather. We just got a text that her flight was cancelled.


Anonymous said...

It is so good to hear of Eric achievements each day. We are expecting the bad weather sometime this evening. Eric will enjoy his own computer. I just got a new pc emachine. It sounds like Eric is preparing for a marathon. Also, he will be able to wow the girls with his beach volleyball by the time he comes home. Prayer and love to all.


Sara said...

So exciting to hear the good news! Rachel will be envious of the MacBook!! We're preparing for the bad weather here, too. Continued prayers...Sara and family

Kimberly said...

So happy to continue to read such great reports! We're having a rainy Friday evening here in the Bluff.

Still praying for you all.


jess said...

I love that Eric is making so much progress. Thank the Lord! I pray he gets stronger and stronger, faster and faster... and makes heads spin in that hospital. :)

Today, Chaney and I had lunch at the mall and ran into Kimberly and Keaghan and the kiddos. Ended up having lunch with them and having a great visit.

I forgot to tell you that Keaghan recited the Dunne poems for BWG last meeting--the poems that won her the Poetry Out Loud Award. And then Harvey had prepared a short talk too. We have a lot of talent in BWG. Then, Chaney and I ran into Mary Ann earlier in the week.

We all miss you so much. We're praying for you all and thinking of you daily. You and your family are wrapped in our love and prayers. I pray you can feel it..and never feel alone. God is good.

Anonymous said...

macs rule .. but not as much as eric!