Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Friday, April 3, 2009

It Just Keeps Getting Better

More good news. The doctors are downright giddy, smiling big grins, over Eric's progress the past few days. The pulmonologist practically did cartwheels in Eric's room this morning, he was so thrilled. He said the chest x-ray this AM was "gorgeous." He said at the rate Eric is improving, he's optimistic that Eric may possibly be decannulated (lose the tracheostomy) and be off the ventilator prior to going home. We pulled the right chest tube yesterday, and the left one is now on water seal. If no pneumothorax developes, we'll pull that one tomorrow. To put this in perspective, when we first got here and for the first couple weeks, the holes in Eric's lungs were so big, the leaks so bad, the doctors thought Eric would have the chest tubes for months, even possibly go home with them. We've been here for less than 3 weeks. On the ventilator, he's on CPAP 5, PSV 10, doing all the breathing on his own. The plan now is to get his new trach (standard post-trach procedure) AND go to the step down unit on Monday. Then it's all about rehab, nutrition, strengthening. Bob and I, and my sisters who are here with us, are celebrating, praising, and doing some cartwheels of our own. It's almost scary to feel this optimistic.

I want you all to know how much we appreciate your encouraging comments, prayers, well-wishes, and support. You've been such a big help in us navigating and surviving the past two months. I hope I can write the end of this story soon.


Vicki Loucks said...

Yeah!!! Cartwheels from New Stanton!!!

Sheena said...

Glory to God in the Highest!!! I'm in tears reading this post today. Thanks be to God for working miracles!

Shannon said...

What great news! Big cheers from Baton Rouge.

Chad, Katie and Chloe said...

WOO HOO! God is so GREAT! Hugs and kisses to all of you!

C# said...

God is SO good !!

Kimberly said...

I do not promise to do cartwheels as someone might get hurt...but I will jump up and down!


Anonymous said...

Your blogs have brought tears of joy to our eyes these last couple of days! Way to go Eric!!

The Rode's

Anonymous said...

awesome... and things will keep getting better
Praise God!

Anonymous said...

The previous posts have pretty much declared everything, I too, am feeling....but there can never be enough of the sentiment PRAISE GOD!!!!! So happy for you and your family...continuing to keep you in our prayers!

Anonymous said...

All praise and glory to our Healer Jesus Christ. Isn't God awesome. We really shouldn't be surprised, because God always answers prayer when we pray according to His Word. Healing is in His Word
(1 Peter 2;24).
God is pulling Eric up out of this quickly. Thank You Jesus for restoring Eric's lungs back to the way they were before all this happened.
Have a wonderful night!

Lois Rebich said...

Great news all week - I'll be sure to keep Ross Elementary posted on your progress, Eric.

As we approach Easter, Eric's road to recovery reminds us of God's promise to "make all things new again". We continue praying for your health renewed.

Stay strong, Eric!

Anonymous said...

I will do imaginary cartwheels because the real thing would be too scary to too many people. It is such a blessing to have so many prayers answered. I know all of you are ready to see Moss Bluff again. I pray it won't be too long. Thanks for the great news to share at BWG tomorrow. What an inspirational story you have to write when all of this is behind you.

Love, bev

Linda M Au said...

I'm starting to love crying over my computer keyboard. These last few updates have been a sheer joy to read. They really put everything else in the world in perspective.

THANKS for sharing so graciously and allowing us to join you in prayer, Angie.

Anonymous said...

We are doing cartwheels on Grove Ave! Thank God! So happy to hear this news. Praying for Eric's continued recovery! You mentioned Eric has email...Frankie would love to email him. My email is Maybe the boys could trade email addresses, Andrew too! Take Care.

Schell Family

Rick said...

THANK GOD!! I am soooo happy to read the last few days' blogs and that everything has taken a turn for the better. I pray that your family gets back together soon and that Eric can start living the life of a typical 14 year old. Best wishes in Maryland. Love, Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Dear Eric,
Keep your focus forward.
Picture healthy,"gorgeous"lungs. Concentrate on being stronger tomorrow.
Stay optimistic.
You have it within you, Eric.
You've pulled through the roughest.
Lord, Keep Eric healthy,positve and stong.
Heal his left lung,Lord.
Renew Eric.
Dear Angie,Bob and family,
Your incredible strenghth and faith is beautiful.
Continued prayers for your precious son.

Anonymous said...

What a blessing! Pray that all continues to improve at this rate.
Carol Rotruck

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. Dilmore and Eric,

My name is Elayne Gabbert and I am Eric's choir director for GPGC. I heard about Eric's medical condition from Keith Chamberlain, the GPGC musical director, and about this blog from Colin Leung--another GPGC student.

Eric, I am so sorry for what you are going through. It is quite an adventure! I teach at Episcopal Day School and we have been praying for you. My brother lives in Baton Rouge and he has a prayer group that meets on Thursdays. They are praying for you as well.

The April 3rd blog sounds very encouraging. You hang in there Eric! I believe that God has great plans for you and this ordeal will only make you stronger.

Mrs. Dilmore,
Your story is both heart breaking and very inspirational. My husband and I read every word last night and I feel like I know you. Please know that we are praying for you and your husband as well.

I am looking forward to your next update. I hope that Eric has truly rounded a corner and is on his way to recovery.


Elayne Gabbert

Anonymous said...

Go Eric! Go Eric!!
Go, God! And thank you God for your healing love.
In my entire life I havnt done a cartwheel... We dont need another person hospitalized in ICU, so I just say to anyone out there who can do an extra one for me, go for it!
Love to you,Angie, and Bob, Eric, Andrew.