Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good Thursday

I'm impressed with all the bicyclists here in Houston. It seems many people ride their bikes to work or to tool around town. I miss bike riding. Anyone who knows me knows I miss exercising in general. My sister knows this and looked into trying to find me a place to work out in or near the hospital. The best she could do was find someone who gave me a 3-day pass to a nearby LA Fitness center, for which I am very grateful, and hope I can use soon. What types of exercise are you all doing?

Speaking of "grateful," I just read in the paper today that The Dead are embarking on a 17-city tour. Don't suppose there's any chance they might be headed to Lake Charles? But maybe Houston, Baton Rouge, or New Orleans. I'll have to check into it.

Eric had a day today as good as yesterday was bad. The pulmonologist said, "that's how it is, good days and bad days," with no other explanation. I like the good days way better. With occupational therapy, he drank some orange juice, a few sips of milk, several bites of canned peaches, and a crumb of a pancake. Only the peaches were palatable to him. With PT, Eric got out of bed and sat in a chair for about 10 minutes. He's doing great! Today.


Anonymous said...

Hurray for Eric! I hope those good days far outnumber the not so good days. I know you miss exercising. I have started going to Curves and am back following WW plan of eating. In three weeks, I can already tell how my energy has increased. Glad to hear Eric is able to take a little solid food. I hope it won't be long until he can eat a whole pancake. Sitting up for 10 min. must have been a good feeling. Tonight we go to Holy Thursday service and I will definitely say a few extra prayers for the Dilmore family. Hope you get to the LA Fitness soon.

Love you, bev

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Great time for Eric to feel better - Good Friday may take on a whole new meaning for you - I pray it does!

May God bless you ALL with a remarkable Easter weekend!


Kimberly said...

Get a Leslie Sansone walking Dvd. You can run it on your laptop. Her new ones are at Sam's now...or Target. Check out for a preview!

Vicki Loucks said...

Hi Angie,
It's good to hear that today was a good day. Exercise...hmmm, about a year ago I started spinning at the Y - what a workout! Around that time I also started's addictive. I've run a couple of 5K's and am hoping to do a half marathon in Outer Banks in NOvember...we'll see. Hope you get back to an exercise routine soon.
Sending good thoughts and lots of prayers from New Stanton!
Vicki Loucks

Becky Gros said...

Angie, this is Becky, from Dynamic Dimensions in Moss Bluff. Some people refer me to the "quiet girl" or "the short Mexican". We faithfully did Kick together. So hopefully, you know who I am. I miss seeing you and have thought of you a lot and I have said many prayers for you, your son, and your family. We started new launches this week at the gym. Kick is kicking my you-know-what. My legs are sore. I'm sure you would like this launch. I haven't done any other classes, just Kick. Well, you are dearly missed at the gym and I'm so glad you keep us posted. Can't wait to see you again.
Keep the faith~

Megan C said...

That is GREAT to hear!

Angie said...

Dear Becky,

Of course I know who you are! I miss you too. And everyone else at the gym. Hope to be back before too much longer. I'm losing all my muscles!


Anonymous said...

Hello there, Bob, Angie, Eric and Andrew. Andrew, I hope you enjoyed your trip to Houston and spending time with your family last weekend. Bob and Angie, the Grateful dead concerts come no closer than Greensboro, NC.

I too like the outdoor activities in the Hermann Park/Medical District area. With all the walking and biking paths it’s no wonder so many people can enjoy those activities. It would be nice if we had similar accommodations here in Lake Charles. If you two have someone to sit with Eric again check out Memorial Park over on IH-610 Loop West. The Marathon course I ran in 1996 passed through Memorial Park, it’s very nice. We drove through there last weekend and they’re where 100’s of people enjoying various outdoor fitness activities.

What types of exercise am I doing? Well, after two years of complete inactivity due to my pedestrian versus auto accident and three years of just walking to build myself up I am stepping it up a level. I have been road biking since January and have built up to 20-milers several times weekly with a longer 50-mile ride on the weekends. Then a friend of mine got me to swimming with the goal of getting into Triathlons. Obviously I can’t run after near amputation on my right leg and a left that isn’t in any better condition. Well, I thought why not Swim, Bike then Walk. It keeps me motivated not to sit and depress. Having a good excuse is no reason for me to sit and get fat and out of shape. My first attempt at Triathlon was a bit premature and ended in a DNF (did not finish). It was on 3/29/2009 at Sam Houston state Park. The river water temperature being 66 Deg. and the air temp was in the low 40’s due to a last minute cold front. Without a wetsuit and having entered an event before I was really fit, the cold water shut me down early. That’s probably more than you wanted to hear about what I am doing for exercise so be careful when you ask questions on your blog. If you and Bob have a place to store your bikes and can arrange time to go for rides, I’ll bring them too you. The trip will give Leslie and me an excuse to get away. It will also give me a chance to check out the REI store and a few Triathlon or Biking shops.

Hang in there
Gary and Leslie.

Rick said...

Hey Angie! I have gotten away from spinning lately, but am planning another 5K run in about a month--so training for that right now!!! Sorry to hear of the bad days, but pray that the good ones outweigh the bad. Love from Maryland, Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Praise God. The end of this long journey is winding down. Hang in there Eric. Can you see yourself at home? Keep that in your thoughts. Have a blessed weekend. I hope you are sleeping well at night Eric.

Anonymous said...

Hi again to all of you; working late the last few days I missed reading your blog, and so I didnt know about Eric's difficult day til it was followed by a much better one....
And tell Eric that in time, the pleasure of tasting foods will return....till then, eat anyway!!
We continue to pray.
It isnt surprising that there are ups and downs with recovering. I suppose that having realistic (though optimistic!) expectations can minimize the emotional "roller-coaster" during this time.
I'm sure you'll figure out a way to get an exercise plan going...
And tell Eric- great job, keep it up!
Love to all