Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Self Portrait

I was out on the front porch (It's such a nice night!) messing around on my computer when I thought it might be nice to take a picture of myself out here. After playing around with it a little bit, I got it to look like this, maybe a little more mysterious than the original, and definitely cooler. Mom said I should post it on the blog. She's been bugging me for weeks to send one out to the world. So, while I'm at it, I'd like to thank all of you for keeping up with my life to date and especially for your continuing prayers.  It's been great to have a great community to support me!


Anonymous said...

very cool, Eric.
great to hear from you; even better to see how fast you are getting your life back!!
thank god.

Anonymous said...

What a great would definitely make someone wonder what was going on inside that mind. They say God never gives us more than we can handle - I'm sure he's smiling down at how gracefully you have handled these past few months and how you have used it to inspire others in their struggles..including me....Thank You

leafmonster said...

Hi, Eric! Love the pic! Thanks for listening to your Mom bugging you to post it.

Your fans,
Mr & Mrs G (Carolyn & Bob), Emily, Ben, and Julia

Anonymous said...

Eric, love the picture, very mysterious and cool. And great to have a few words from you. i have been praying for you since the day your were born (both of you). But these last several months definitly more continuely.
love to you and your brother,

Aunt Lisa said...

That's a really cool photo Eric!

Anonymous said...


So glad you are doing much better. Congratulations on the Awards received this school year!!! You did such an awesome job.

Bobby & Susan Bullard

Ashley said...

hey eric its ashley hughes from school. i know we didn't talk much but i check this thing like everyday, i swear. well i'll see you in big sam!!

jess said...

Love the pic, Eric. You guys are sooooo creative! I hope you and your mom start working on a book soon. Two different POVs about the same experience would be very interesting.