Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Monday, May 18, 2009

Most Likely to Succeed

Another awesome day for Eric. The number of the day is two. Two nights now off the vent. Two pounds up on the scale this morning since yesterday. Two activity-packed hours with PT/OT. Two root beer floats (one for Mom) at Sonic, along with popcorn chicken. Quote of the day (from Kim, Eric's physical therapist, in response to Eric's progress): "I'm so excited! Did I say that already?"

Andrew brought home their 8th grade yearbook today from school. In elections held prior to Eric getting sick, he was one of four students voted "Most likely to succeed." Eric has proven this to be true already, by showing us all his determination, perseverance, and faith in his recovery.


Linda M Au said...

Crying here again, Angie. Gosh, this is my favorite web site. :)

Keep 'em comin' ... and GO ERIC! :)

Anonymous said...

too wonderful for words!!!
We are all so happy to hear of Eric's continued amazing progress.
What an inspiring saga...

Anonymous said...

awesome dude!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Praising God, praising God!!

Anonymous said...

Go Eric!!!!


jess said...

I'm learning so much from Eric -- from your entire family. Determination, perseverance... and my faith and prayer life have certainly been strengthened. You've all been such a blessing.