Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Friday, May 1, 2009

Germ Free Zone

At this point, with our long-awaited discharge only four days away, I'm totally paranoid about germs. I've declared Eric's room a germ free zone. I don't hesitate to insist that everyone wash their hands before entering. I'd put Eric in reverse isolation, if I could. The last thing we need is for Eric to get an infection of any kind. We want to go home! The hospital here is on high alert, with the recent death and all the hype about swine flu. I've heard the ER is a madhouse. Parents with children with any little cough or fever are pouring in to rule out this latest news sensation. They're talking of setting up triage in a parking lot outside the ER, if need be. A number of kids have been admitted to this floor with isolation signs on the doors, hence my paranoia. Staff members are flocking to employee health to get their personal high filter masks fitted. I want to envelope Eric in a giant bubble. Remember that famous unfortunate immuno-compromised boy who lived in a bubble back in the 70s? That was right here at TCH. Anyway, we need protection for four more days. Then we're HOME free.


Linda M Au said...

Never a dull moment, eh? Praying for a DULL, MUNDANE, ORDINARY four days for y'all/yinz. :)

Anonymous said...

Father in Jesus name I lift up this situation to you . I ask you Lord to put a hedge of protection, a bubble around Eric and his family that no sickness can touch them. Thank you for keeping them safe and germ free so that when Tuesday comes they will be on their way home. amen
Have a peaceful night.

Anonymous said...

We are praying for protection for all of ya'll. I know you are nervous and ready to go home. Take care!


jess said...

You have protection, Angie. I've been praying for God's hedge of protection around you all and I have no doubt it's there.
We'll all miss you today at the BWG meeting. It won't be long now. :)

Anonymous said...

Prayers continue!
I'm sure your nerves will be on edge as your moment to go home gets's only natural. You are doing all that is humanly possible, and better than that, God is doing the rest. So rest, rely on Him and we will all rejoice when we get the news that Eric is home.
PS I just had a flashback...back in 1970 when Tom got back from a year in Viet Nam, he said that the last week was his most scary - when the guys were "short-timers", it was the most nerve wracking. You guys are short-timers! You'll be safely home soon!

Vicki Loucks said...

Praying that protection around Eric and you. Also continuing to pray that you'll get home as planned...what a joyous day that will be!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear that you are actually on your way home. Our love and prayers are with you!