Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


After one recent post, one of Eric and Andrew's grandmothers commented that she loved seeing Eric's smile, but what about Andrew? So here are a couple shots of Andrew, taken on his band trip to Orlando last month. As first chair, Andrew enjoys keeping the clarinet section in line. Bob and I felt bad that we couldn't go with him. Thanks so much to Andrew's chaperone, Nicole, for taking some photos of him for us.


Aunt Lisa said...

Very handsome in the black tie Andrew!!

Anonymous said...

Great to see Andrew. What an honor to be first chair clarinet!! I'm proud of you, Andrew. You are to be commended because I know you missed Mom and Dad when they were in Houston with Eric. Glad all of you are together again.

Love, bev

Winona said...

Andrew looks great! I'm not the least bit surprised that he's first chair. Tell him that I am extremely proud of him for continuing to succeed during this trial in the family. You and Bob have two very special sons.


leafmonster said...

Andrew looks great in the black bowtie look. That's wonderful that he got to go to Florida with the band. And congrats on being first chair!


Anonymous said...

what a good looking dude!!!!

jess said...

Very handsome young man. You have three very special men in your life, Angie. Wow, are you blessed! Of course, they are too.

Ya'll have been so strong through this entire thing. Quite an inspiration to your blog readers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for those great pictures Angie. i have very handsome grandsons; Andrew, Eric and Emmett!


Anonymous said...

First chair . . . wow!! And he looks very grown up in his black tie! Hugs to all!!