Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Z is for Zydeco Music -- #atozchallenge

The "unincorporated community" (aka lots of crop fields and a few houses) of Plaisance, La., which I'd never heard of until I researched zydeco festivals, hosts the annual Southwest Louisiana Zydeco Music Festival.

The event got its start 34 years ago as a way to celebrate and preserve the rich history of zydeco music in Louisiana. Key instruments in this genre are the accordian and washboard. Zydeco is said to have originated with the French Creoles, but this Wiki link suggests there are Atakapa (Louisiana native American Indians) and African roots, as well. All I know is the music is fun, upbeat, and people love to dance to the lively sounds. Check out this video by Chubby Carrier at a festival a few years ago.

One of my most fun experiences of zydeco happens every Saturday morning over in Breaux Bridge at Cafe de Amis's Zydeco breakfast. It's a blast! Read that post here.

For more information on the festival, see their website here.

And that, folks, concludes the 2016 A to Z Blogging Challenge!


Common Household Mom said...

I applaud you for blogging every day in the month, and for finding a festival for every letter of the alphabet. Amazing!

The Zydeco festival sounds like fun!

Angie Kay Dilmore said...

Thank you, CHM! Honestly, I'm glad it is over. But yes, it was interesting. I love exploring this state, even "remotely."

Random Musings said...

I haven't heard of this place either, but the festival sounds fun! Congrats on completing the challenge :)