Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Monday, April 11, 2016

I is for the Tickfaw Italian Festival -- #atozchallenge

Back in Pittsburgh, a festival celebrating Italian culture would seem quite expected and ordinary. Gnocchi, cannelloni, manicotti, tortellini, lasagna, pizzelles . . . . it's all as common in Southwest Pennsylvania as rice and crawfish in Southwest Louisiana. So I was rather surprised to discover an Italian Festival in Tickfaw, La. Mark your calendars -- it's coming up soon, April 22-24.

I don't know much about Tickfaw, except there's a wonderful state park there. Bob and I visited this beautiful park one day on our way home from a trip to Hammond. You can read that post here. So of course, I have not been to this festival. But this is what I learned from the website.

spaghetti: spaghetti bolognese

Tickfaw, a village in central Tangipahoa Parish, is home to many Italian-American descendants. At the festival, there's a spaghetti cook-off. And otherwise, it's a typical festival with carnival rides, entertainment, a pageant and parade.


And tune in tomorrow, where we'll celebrate jazz and blues.


Ravyne said...

I agree, LA seems a strange place to have a nice-sized Italian-American population. This looks like a lot of fun too. Hope you have a wonderful time if you attend.
Many Blessings,

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Angie Kay Dilmore said...

Thanks, Lori. I checked out your blogs, too. I can't believe you are doing TWO A to Z Challenges! And one is flash fiction! No easy task there.

Pamela Wright said...

I love hearing about quirky festivals - hope you get to attend. Really like your blog, and good luck with the rest of the challenge.