Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Major Milestone

When Eric was in ICU at Lake Charles Memorial, his math teacher, Ms. DeFelice, brought him a teddy bear that quickly became one of Eric's favorites. He named this bear Mohan, after one of his favorite band songs.

When Eric was in Texas Children's ICU, preparing to get a tracheostomy, his favorite nurse, Randy, sympathetically fashioned a trach for Mohan.

I discovered it's not a bad to thing to be overly optimistic. Our dear Dr. Thompson fit Eric into his busy day this morning and took Eric's trach out and did a quick bronchoscopy. He also said, "Get him off the O2," because, really, Eric's oxygen level while at rest on room air is consistently in the mid-high 90s. Though I'm sure he'll continue to require O2 with exertion for awhile. Just last evening, Eric lamented, "I just want to feel normal again." Getting the trach out and being off O2 more will certainly help reach that goal. And speaking of reaching goals, Eric's weight was up 0.8 pounds this AM.

After Eric got his trach out, he symbolically took Mohan's trach out as well.

Post-bronchoscopy/decannulation Sonic snack . . . Breakfast toaster with bacon and a grape limeade.


Aunt Lisa said...

Hooray, Hooray!! This is wonderful news!! Doin' a little dance of joy! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Great news!! I'm so happy that Eric is back to 'normal', are any of us? What a red letter day. I'm glad Mohan was able to lose his trach also. God is good and what miracles we have seen.


Anonymous said...

Eric looks fabulous!

Anonymous said...

So, so , so happy for you, Eric!!

Anonymous said...

This is truly wonderful news. We are so happy, i am calling everyone i know. Eric, keep on getting better each day. And Aunt Lisa, did Alex do a "little dance of joy" also.
Love to you all,
... m

leafmonster said...

Wonderful! This is such great and unexpected news!


Kimberly said...

We rejoice with you guys. Eric is filling out again...I know that is a relief to you.

Keep getting stronger Eric.

Anonymous said...

Eric, what wonder pictures. They brought me to tears. I don't know you but I been praying for you and your family since the day I heard about your illness. I am a grandmother so God put you on my heart as if you were my own grandchild. I am so happy for you. I believe that you will make a complete recovery and you WILL be back to normal quicker than you think. God is so good. His Word brings us whatever we need when we pray it and believe it. Stay positive, stand on God's Word, don't quit and you will get a complete healing and restoration. I love the Lord. He never forsakes us or leaves us and His Word does not return void unto Him but it does accomplishes those things that He purposes it to. By the stripes that Jesus bore Eric is healed from the top of his head to the souls of his feet. That is what His Word says (1 peter 2:24). Stay thankful and have a very blessed day!

You look wonderful Eric.