Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Kangaroo Crew Revisited

Our neighbor Gary recently sent me this and several other photos. He just happened to be in the area of the airport and took pictures with his cell phone when the Kangaroo Crew whisked Eric to Houston on March 15th. I'll never forget that day, or the tense days leading up to the transfer. Eric was so critical post-surgery and getting worse by the minute. Praise God those "angels" were able to come a day early. Heroes, really, all four of them. Gary's wife Leslie and our friend Susan were at the hospital and they alerted Gary when Eric was on his way to the airport. Bob flew with Eric. Leslie and Susan drove me to Houston. They were angels, too. It poured rain that day, but God and the pilot saw us all safely to Texas Children's. I especially want to thank my sister, Lisa, for getting the Kangaroo Crew ball rolling. She did all the research, spoke to the director on the phone, and gave us all the information at a time when we weren't able to do it ourselves.

Once at TCH, the Kangaroo Crew frequently checked in on Eric, even Crew members who weren't on Eric's flight. Maybe this was their normal routine, I was never quite sure. But Eric seemed to have a reputation at TCH as being a pretty amazing kid. Indeed, it was amazing how quickly he started getting better. And he continues to amaze us with his recovery. Already, no vent, no trach, no O2 at rest.

And slowly gaining weight. Yes, the steak house worked last night. That, and Joe D.'s BBQ chicken on Friday. His weight was up almost a pound this morning.


leafmonster said...

So that's what a kangaroo looks like.

I'm glad to hear that the steakhouse did its job. And my prayers of thanks to God for those heroes who were able to help you with research, driving, etc and for the kangaroo crew, the doctors and the nurses.

Keep on walking...

Anonymous said...

Look what the Lord has done and continues to do!!! God is so good. Thank You Lord

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear of all of Eric's improvements. Prayers of thanksgiving for all that God has done for you and your family. Faith is a wonderful gift.