Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Friday, June 26, 2009

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Eric rode his bike last night for the first time since his his illness. He rode 2.25 miles, 18 minutes.
Here are a couple photo links to Eric with his pierogies in occupational therapy.
To . . . m, sadly, no rain or cooler temps in the forecast.
To Jennifer, did you know LC has been building a new airport? Supposed to open end of July and it looks beautiful. But I'm going to miss waiting for passengers in that nice breezy outdoor area. (To my out of town readers, the Lake Charles airport was destroyed in the 2005 Hurricane Rita and they've been operating out of a glorified tent since then.)
To leafmonster, hey what's one egg. I was curious myself. I don't know what adjectives our weatherpersons have been using, but "blistering" has been coming to my mind frequently. It was 102 again today. At the peak of afternoon, around 3:00, I cracked an egg on the driveway. We don't have sidewalks in our neighborhood. Here is the initial before photo. And one taken 30 minutes later. It would seem egg will evaporate on a hot surface, but not cook. Urban legend.


Rick said...

Ha! They had to do it after I left. I will have to say landing in LC airport in a rain storm was an adventure. Nothing beats exiting a plane to get all wet! I am happy to see LC is getting "back to normal." Good pics today. Keep it up Eric.


Anonymous said...

Eric, you are so amazing....I live in the Pgh area and have a friend in Ross Twp. That is how I learned of your need for prayers in Feb. I have been praying for you and know you are a miracle. My brother and his family live in Lake Charles. If I ever get down there, I definitely want to meet you. You are an inspiration. Way to go. A Pgh fan

Anonymous said...

Great pictures from therapy. It is so welcoming. The little children seemed so happy. I'm glad Eric is doing so well and is riding his bike again. What good exercise. Keep up the good work, Eric. You will always be in my prayers, and you will always be an inspiration when I get tired and don't want to put forth much effort.


leafmonster said...

Thanks for doing the experiment for us! We owe you one egg. So even at 102, the egg won't cook.
Great to see Eric on his bike! My oldest two are going for a ride tomorrow morning. Tonight we went to Sonic in honor of Eric. Yum!