Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Date is Set

I spoke with Dr. Thompson today, and we'll go to his office this Thursday morning to have the trach taken out. What a milestone day that will be! Certainly, it will be a major step in Eric feeling "normal" again.

Everything is looking up right now. Eric had a super, fun workout at PT/OT today. His blood pressure has been lower for four days now and all his other vital signs are excellent.

If anything at all is an issue, it's his lack of appetite and inability to eat much at a time. He's rarely hungry, and when he does eat, he gets full very quickly. Not good when you're trying to gain weight! It's amazing to me that he hasn't lost weight since his NG tube came out last Tuesday. But so far, he's managed to gain almost one pound since then. That's a big drop compared to the 0.5 pounds a day he was gaining with the NG feeds. But if he can continue to gain 1 pound a week, we'd be okay with that.

Post-PT Sonic snack . . . sausage biscuit dippers, tots, and a lemon slush.


Anonymous said...

God is so faithful and so good!! Eric WILL get his appetite back to normal and continue to gain the weight that he needs to gain. God is so faithful and so good!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!! It just keeps getting better. Thank you Lord! What a story Eric will have to write one of these days. We are rejoicing with you.
and love you all ... m

Anonymous said...

How exciting! Rejoicing with you every step of the way!! Hang in there...what a story, indeed!

Shannon said...

Great news!
I'm sure that as time goes on, and his body adjusts to getting all of his calories from regular food, the appetite will come back. If he's gaining slowly now without the tube, that's definitely a good sign. Thanks for the update.