Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Getting Better Every Day

Just a quick update on my sister-in-law, Sue. She had surgery this past Monday on both her hip and wrist. As far as I know, she's doing okay. Don't know too many details.

In occupational therapy today, Eric and Mika cooked pierogies. So funny . . . no one down here has ever heard of pierogies! I can't believe they even sell them down here. (Only at WalMart, as far as I know). I must be almost the only person who buys them. Anyway, everyone loved them.

Eric's physical therapist, Kim, is thinking of discharging Eric. Already! I imagined we'd be going to PT throughout the summer. But she says there's not much more she can do for him that we can't do at home or our gym. Wow. Wasn't expecting that. But he's doing so well. Her goal for Eric for the summer was to have him walk a mile. And he walked 1.5 miles last evening in our neighborhood. It might not be immediately. We might cut back from three times a week to one or two at first. Here's a photo of Eric at PT.

Post PT snack . . . another Auntie Anne's pretzel and a Sonic orange cherry Dr. Pepper.


Anonymous said...

Tell us what the pierogies are made of. I have eaten something with a similar name that is made with corned beef (in a can), cheese, onions, and wrapped in a Bisquik pastry. Anything close to that? Great that Eric is doing so well in PT. Will the OT continue for a while?


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Sure did not think that would be this soon (i guess it is not soon enough for Eric and i don't blame him). But he is doing great and we are all proud of him.
love to you all ... m

Angie said...

Pierogies are something like mashed potatoes inside a pasta-like pocket. Like Kim said, "carbs wrapped around carbs."

Aunt Lisa said...

Hope Therapy Center heard about the business Eric has drummed up for Sonic, so now they're trying to get a piece of the action.