Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I spent this rainy dreary chilly afternoon listening to my Josh Groban Christmas CD and making pizzelles. No one around here has ever heard of them, so if I'm going to eat this Pittsburgh Christmas cookie tradition, I have to make them myself. I do get a kick out of telling Louisianians about them. First, they can't figure out the word. I say, "pizzelles." They say, "What?" I say, "pit-cells, you know, like pizza," even though the only similarity is that they are round and flat. Then when I say I make them in a waffle-like iron and they're usually anise flavored, they really look at me quizzically. Anyway, I'm so glad Mom and Tom bought me the pizzelle-maker last year for Christmas. They're somewhat time and labor-intensive to make. Unlike cookies on a sheet that you pop in the oven and sit back and wait for 10-12 minutes, (unless you want to start the dishes) with pizzelles, you can only make two at a time. And you have to stand there and watch the clock for 50 seconds. Then put in the next two scoops of batter. But they're worth it. As you can see, I need a little work on my technique. If any of my Italian friends back home know the trick to getting them centered, even, and uniform, please let me know.


GerdieMom said...

Do you do mail orders??

Angie said...

You live in Pgh! You could ask your neighbor!

Common Household Mom said...

Angie, they look gorgeous. I don't have any clue how to make them, but I certainly know how to admire them! The process sounds a little like potato pancakes - very labor intensive, and truly an act of love to make them. I hope everyone in your family enjoys them to the fullest.
- Carolyn

Anonymous said...

Look fine to me. Homemade is not supposed to be picture just delicious to eat. I'm glad to see of picture of them. What is the filling? Hope I get to try sometime.


Angie said...

Bev, I'll bring some today and Saturday.