Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Thursday, December 24, 2009

San Francisco -- Day 2

Bob and I got an early start this morning -- not hard to do when your mind is in central time and your body is in pacific time -- and headed down Highway 1 south. We took our time, stopping whenever something caught our fancy. We strolled beaches strewn with driftwood, kelp, and tidal pools. This is the lighthouse at Pigeon Point.

We visited Swanton Berry Farm. Cool place. Bought some blackberry jam.

We meandered up, down and over the mountains behind the coast near Davenport and found our way to Big Basin State Park, another amazing redwood forest. I'd nearly forgotten the thrill of hills, long and steep, twists and turns, switchbacks and zigzags. Bonine is my new best friend. We've had great weather, meaning it's been sunny and no rain. But it's cool, probably low 50s during the day, only 39 degrees when we hiked through the redwoods this morning.
We drove on to Santa Cruz, a charming seaside town, had lunch at a seafood restaurant on the wharf. Looks like the sea lions were taking a post-lunch nap.

Driving back to San Francisco, we watched the sun set over the Pacific. Early Thursday morning, we fly back to Houston, spend Christmas Eve with Bob's sisters and family, and drive back to Lake Charles late that night. Merry Christmas!

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