Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Patience, Restlessness, Waiting

Eric has been very restless the past day or so. They're trying to cut back on his sedation, but when he's not sedated, he's uncomfortable in the bed. He's tired of being in bed. He wants the tube out of his mouth. He wants to talk and eat. And he's having such a hard time getting good sleep. Yesterday he asked for grape juice. The nurse, she's such a softie, got permission from the doctor, and we moisten a small sponge on a stick with juice and let him hold it in his mouth. Today, it's Sprite. His morning blood gas was not quite as impressive today as yesterday, but not horrible. I know the doctor would love to get him off the ventilator, but doesn't feel he's strong enough just yet. He lowered the pressure on the vent slightly. So we're still moving in the right direction. Eric's white blood cell count was up this morning, so the doctor ordered cultures on everything, sputum, blood, urine, stool, to rule out infection. I don't see any of this as setbacks, but part of the difficult waiting healing process. So for those of you who pray specifically, Eric needs strength, both physically and mentally, patience, and a strong ability to hang in there and not give up. I can't even imagine how hard this all must be for him. And he's such a trooper, still so cooperative and pleasant to his caregivers. But his frustration is mounting. We continue to thank you all for everything.


The Connor Family of PGH said...

Good afternoon, i want you to know that Eric is in our prayers everday and i have even lit a candle for him in church. God Bless you and your family through these dificult times.
The Connor Family

Aunt Lisa said...

Eric you have been amazing through all this. I don't know how you're doing it, but you're getting there buddy. Just stay strong.

I'm thinking of your own words from your GPGC newsletter regarding time, "While hours, minutes, and seconds are
an invention of man, at every point in time, everything is in a specific place in space." And I know you feel like you have spent way too much time in that hospital bed.

But in this case, all of man's time goes out the window, doesn't it. It doesn't seem to mean much. Just focus on your body's time. The time it needs to get you back on track. Back to its strong, healthy self.

Love you!

Shannon said...

Poor guy. It must be so frustrating.

Q sent a goofy card which should be arriving in a couple of days. We're all thinking of you, Eric! Hang in there.

The Cavells

jess said...

Father God, we praise you for all you've done. We love and praise you for the miracle you're blessing us with... healing Eric. Lord, Eric needs strength, both physically and mentally. He needs patience, and the strength to hang in there and not give up. Touch him, Father, give him a peace and calm that will sustain him through the rest of his days in the hospital. Give him beautiful thoughts to think, ways to entertain himself. Father God, you know exactly what Eric needs and we trust you to supply all these needs. We thank you, Father, for being there for him and his family. We love you. We praise your name. Amen

Rev. Katherine Adams said...

Angie, I wanted to let you know that there are great champions of prayer up Boston way praying for Eric, and you, Bob, and Andrew. We are praying for God's healing mercy, comfort and strength. I'm Walt Dutton's sister and my heart is with you.
Grace upon grace, Katherine Adams