Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Eric remains in critical condition, but each day he shows small but significant signs of improvement. His chest X-ray is clearing. All his bloodwork numbers are excellent. We're usually able to wean the settings on the ventilator slightly through the night and into the day, but by evening, his blood oxygen level starts to drop again and we're back up on the settings. No day is complete without a little drama. Guess that's life in ICU.

Eric is a model patient. The nurses practically fight over him. One nurse says he's the best patient she's ever had. Another awarded him the most patient patient ever. He's so cooperative, pleasant, and displays a sense of humor. Despite being heavily sedated, he has a dry erase board that he loves to use for communication, that is, when we can decipher his hand-writing. Yesterday, he wrote to his nurse, "You're very good at your job. Thank you." He's also very inquisitive. He wants to know what's going on, what the nurses are doing. He likes procedures to be explained to him in detail. But most of all, he wants to know when this will all be over. He wants to be off the breathing machine. He wants to eat, to talk, to "feel normal." He's very frustrated, in addition to being miserable. And he's bored. He feels like he's wasting time there. He wants to do school work. He's worried about getting behind. So like Eric. Unfortunately, we have no answer to his "when" question. We can only say, "When your lungs are better. Hopefully soon."

I've become addicted to watching Eric's monitor. I'm home this evening, spent the last three nights in the hospital. Bob is with him. I'm so nervous when I'm home. I worry something will happen and I won't be there. And I can't see the monitor. Most notably, I watch his SaO2 (the amount of oxygen in his blood.) All his other vital signs are normal, stable. But we just can't seem to keep his O2 adequate for any length of time. We come down on the ventilator settings, and he does okay for awhile, but eventually, he desats and has to go back up a bit again. He's slowly making progress. One step, one breath, at a time. Thanks so much for your continued prayers.


Sandra said...

Angie - Have been keeping up with Eric's progress through Hiland's wonderful prayer chain. Eric is in all of our prayers - and now I have the bishop and staff of the Lutheran synod here praying too! Will be keeping up now by reading your blog, too. -- Sandy DeLorenze

bev said...

Hi Angie-- Christine let us know about your circumstances and we are thinking about you and praying. I was so glad to know about your blog spot. I can relate to watching the monitor constantly like its a horror movie and needing to go home but not wanting to be away from somewhat similiar experiences. My heart cries out for you and Bob and Andrew and Eric for everything you are going through. We praise Jesus for the healing that has begun but look for the full restoration and for you guys to have more paitence and strength than is humanly possible! I look forward to your blog entries God bless Bev Domasky and family