Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Prayer for Eric

Dear God, thank you for watching over Eric while he's been here in the hospital. I pray that you will continue to guard him, protect him, heal him. Eric had a good night last night, stable, his O2 sats were 97-100, he looks better. And I was feeling pretty good about all this. Until his doctor came in this morning. Lord, he is so pessimistic. He offers us so little, if any, hope. But our hope is in you, Lord. Prove this man wrong. Surprise this doctor. Amaze him by what your healing touch and the power of prayer can do.

Thank you, Father, for the care he is receiving here, for the wonderful nurses and respiratory therapists who are doing their best to restore Eric to health and make him comfortable. Thank you for his doctor. Fill him with your wisdom to know how best to treat Eric. Thank you for the countless prayer warriors out there who are lifting Eric up day in and day out. We feel their love. We see little miracles every day. Thank you for our parents who are taking care of us and Andrew. Thank you for all our friends who are supporting us with phone calls, visits, meals, and most importantly, prayers.

Father, protect Eric from the dangers of life in ICU. It's a precarious place, fraught with potential obstacles and setbacks. Guard him from germs that could infect him. Protect him from negative drug reactions, medical errors, accidents. Protect him from the panic of the paralyzing agent Pavulon, which he needs right now in order to heal his lungs. Ascertain that he is sedated adequately enough that he doesn't feel buried alive in his own body, unable to move a muscle. Unable to communicate, to scratch an itch, to grimace when he feels pain. Fill him with your supernatural sedation, your divine peace and comfort, and enough fortitude to endure this difficult time.

Thank you, Lord, for your grace and mercy. Please continue to heal Eric and restore him to the healthy young man he is. Preserve all that makes Eric unique and special -- his steadfast faith, his servant heart, his love of humanity, his curious and knowledge-seeking mind, and the beyond-his-years maturity. Hold him in your hands, Lord. Carry him through to full recovery. Heal him, and every day of his life will be a witness and testimony to your awesome power.

In Jesus' name, Amen


Kimberly said...

Praying this with you Angie. Eric was lifted up this morning while I was in church. The sermon was about not limiting God. I prayed that no one dealing with Eric would in anyway limit his FULL recovery.


Debra Harris-Johnson said...

I am a stranger to you but not to God. I too pray and know that God will fulfill our prayers that this wonderfl young man be restored and that you all his family be blessed.

Fara said...

Angie, our church is praying and I let Shirley know. She is bad with email but good with praying when she knows. I wasn't going to leave a comment but the word verification word is "bless" - how truly amazing! I couldn't not post.

And so I claim that word for you and your family, even though I am not particularly pentecostal. Lord, bless this family, bless this precious life, and bless all that needs a blessing. Amen

Trish Perry said...

Angie, my normally healthy teenaged son has been fighting upper respiratory infection all week--when I got him to the doctor, he was on the verge of pneumonia, too. So I have had Eric in my mind and my prayers all week. Please keep us informed.

leafmonster said...

We are continuously praying for all of you.
Carolyn & family

Angela Breidenbach said...

May the Holy Spirit continue to carry your prayers to the ears of God Almighty. May he fill you also with confidence and peace.
In Jesus Name,

Anonymous said...

"Say a little prayer,
Every day in every way,
It's getting better and better,

Beautiful, beautiful,
Beautiful Boy"

Our beautiful boy, Eric. We know our Lord can work miracles. May he touch you, heal you and continue to watch over you every day in every way. I love you! Aunt Lisa

Missy said...

There are so many rallying, asking and praying for you all. Steadfast in faith and surrounding love,
Missy & the boys (Jon, Eric & Jesse)

jewelrybyjanine said...

Hi Angie, Bob, Andrew & Eric,
I just found out about Eric. Of course I was shocked about the news. My family and I will say many prayers for Eric to recover.
I cannot imagine how you are are feeling. I will say prayers for you Bob and Andrew too. I know there are angels out there and they will watch over all of you.

Mitch Zink said...
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Winona said...

Angie, my dear friend, I am just now learning about Eric. I've read your beautiful prayer and previous posts. Please know that from this moment forward I am praying mightily for him. Let Eric know that he is in my prayers--and, in my heart. I wish him the best. He will have long recovery, but it will happen.

I am able to check my messages today because I'm in Houston. We're here for Ron's next cycle of chemo.

Take care of yourself, as well. How is Andrew?

Love to you and yours,


jess said...

Amen and Amen, Angie. Keep your focus on Jesus. Stay focused on the power of Jesus. We're putting our hope in Him.

Lois Rebich said...

A beautiful prayer from the heart of a Mother. Your deep faith leads you to hand over this fragile situation to the Lord and and trust in His Divine mercy and love. I deeply believe in the power of prayer and feel certain Eric feels the healing spirit of love sent his way by so many. Please know that those of us in Pittsburgh and in particular those of us at Ross Elementary are praying for Eric and all of you with a special devotion.

May God Bless you and sustain you.
Lois Rebich

Wendy said...

I am a friend of Fara's in Seattle. I read this prayer and it brought tears to my eyes. That someone can so eloquently write the words that I wish I can pray like in my times of need. I'll place you and your son Eric and your family in my prayers tonight.