Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

DeAngelo's Restaurant

Not long after we moved here in 2007, Bob and I, on the recommendation of, well, everyone, tried a popular Italian restaurant here in Lake Charles, DeAngelo's. We loved it. DeAngelo's was our new "favorite restaurant." Then about a week or so later, it burned to the ground. Bummer! Believe me , there aren't too many good Italian restaurants in Lake Charles. There aren't many Italian places, period. Anyway, we heard rumors that they would rebuild. Seemed like it took a long time, a year or more, maybe two. But they finally reopened a couple weeks ago. The fam and I went there tonight. It was crowded, noisy, and the food was excellent. I had Tuscan minestrone and chicken artichoke ravioli. Mmm Mmm. We've got our favorite restaurant back.

What's your favorite restaurant?


Anonymous said...

I agree, D'Angelo's is my favorite Italian restaurant in Lake Charles. The big chain Italian restaurants cannot compare.


GerdieMom said...

That's a hard one. I would say The Back Porch in Belle Vernon, PA.

Anonymous said...

Tuscon minestrone and chicken articoke ravioli, wow does that sound good. Our favorite restaurant; Valozzi's in Greensburgh, PA.
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Kimberly said...

We heart DeAngelo's too! One of our favs since they opened the first time. Have you tried the spinach-shrimp foccacia? I hope it is on their new menu. I just try to forget the fact that I will have garlic breath for days after eating is THAT good.

Common Household Mom said...

Ever since you posted this I've been trying to think of my favorite restaurant, without success. I guess we don't go out enough! Ben's favorite is Bravo's because they have giant pieces of square paper. Bravo's uses them for tablecloths, but Ben uses them for origami.

Anonymous said...

is this the same deangelos as in baton rouge, la. owned by louis deangelo? if so i am on my way from texas. we love that restaurant and miss it since moving away.