Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Saying Thanks for a Stranger's Kindness

Acts of kindness are rarely forgotten.

Four years ago, a stranger heard about Eric's plight in Texas Children's Hospital from our mutual friends Sara and Mark Judson. This dear woman, from an established family in Lake Charles, had never heard of the Dilmores, let alone met us. We were relatively new in town at the time. And yet, she offered to allow us to stay in her beautifully furnished but unoccupied apartment near the hospital. We didn't go there often -- we rarely wanted to leave Eric's bedside. But it was available when we needed a retreat, a break, or a comfortable place to get a night's sleep. When my mom and sisters came to visit Eric and us in the hospital, the apartment provided a comfortable place where we could relax and decompress. And sleep. Noni Shearman was a blessing to us in ways she never knew.

Last Friday night, at an art exhibit at her new venture called Art Interest, I had the opportunity to meet Noni and finally thank her in person. She is just as sweet as I imagined her to be. She barely recalled the circumstances of her gift, but Noni and her generosity have been dear to my heart these past four years. It was a joy and pleasure to meet her and express my gratitude.

Like many of us in Lake Charles, Noni loves the arts. She recently opened Art Interest at 1322 Ryan St. She hosts classes for all types of art work, from pottery and mosaics to painting, glasswork, amd more. She will also host art exhibits. Find Noni and Art Interest on Facebook.

And thank you again, Noni.

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