Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Monday, August 27, 2012

Le Chien Cookers -- Southwest Louisiana's Dutch Oven Society

I’ve come to realize there’s a club, group, society, or association for everything. Name a career, hobby, or activity, no matter how obscure, and there will be an organization for it.

I discovered one such unique group of folks who enjoy cooking. But not just cooking. They cook outdoors in cast iron Dutch ovens. And they can cook just about anything in these sturdy black pots.

To my surprise, there’s an International Dutch Oven Society, as well as a National Dutch Oven Society. So naturally, each state has its own Dutch Oven Society, and within that state, there are regional chapters. Here's a link to Louisiana's Dutch Oven Society.

I had the pleasure of attending the monthly gathering of southwest Louisiana’s Dutch Oven Society this past Saturday. The rain stopped just long enough for Bob and I to enjoy their company and their cooking. Dutch Oven Gatherings are called DOGs. The local chapter’s name is Le Chien, which apparently means dog in French. This band of black pot chefs meets monthly at Sam Houston Jones State Park, just down the road from my house. They camp and cook. And eat! Each month there’s a different theme. This month’s theme was Mexican. And can these folks cook! There were beans and burrito dishes smothered in spicy sauce and cheese, tamales and taco casseroles, Spanish rice and salsa. For dessert, we ate flan and some kind of fruit-filled fajitas. All cooked over coals in cast iron pots of all shapes and sizes. They discuss cooking methods, such as what configuration to place the coals for optimum cooking, the number of coals required to achieve a desired temperature, and which company makes the highest quality pot. One gentleman said, “The best pot is whichever pot I’m cooking with.”

The Louisiana state society holds its annual DOG each September, every year at a different park somewhere in the state. This year’s DOG happens to be at Sam Houston Jones State Park on September 22. And they welcome visitors!

See the two ladies seated in the background below. I asked them if they were sisters because I thought they looked alike. Ha, yeah, they’re twins!

Here’s a photo of Sam Houston Jones State Park, lovely even in the rain. Zoom in to see the white bird.


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Common Household Mom said...

A Dutch oven society, eh? Who knew? I am so glad to find out why the local club is called "Le chien cookers". I was fearing for the dog population of Louisiana.