Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Friday, November 4, 2011

Lorraine Bridge

A recent class I took at McNeese University, called Louisiana’s Hidden Places, by local newscaster John Bridges, encouraged me to renew my quest to discover and visit interesting places in this beautiful state. Yesterday I took a road trip to a destination that’s been on my list for several years, the picturesque Lorraine Bridge, near Hayes, Louisiana. Lorraine Bridge spans the Lacassine Bayou and divides Calcasieu and Jeff Davis Parishes. For years, I’ve seen this bridge in paintings and photographs, and longed to go there and see it myself. Indeed, Lorraine Bridge is pretty as a picture.

Spanish moss drapes like silvery dreadlocks from cypress and tupelo trees.

Tiny black frogs hop atop the mud on the banks of the brown-watered bayou. Leaves float along the lazy current.

It’s peaceful, quiet, and serene.

According to a plaque there, Lorraine Bridge was first built in 1900 and has gone through various stages of disrepair and repair, use and disuse. Around 2005, the police jury wanted to tear it down, but some citizens rallied, raised funds, rebuilt the structure, and deemed it an historical landmark.

I was surprised to find a small campground there, a pavilion and picnic tables, and of course, a boat launch. Next time, I’ll take my kayak!


Jan Rider Newman said...

I love this place too! Glad you went to see it.

Common Household Mom said...

It looks pretty. And warm.

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