Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sowing Seeds, Practicing Patience

I took advantage of this sunny pleasantly cool fall day and planted 80 iris and daffodil bulbs throughout my yard. Can't wait till spring to see them in bloom. Talk about your delayed gratifications.

Which got me thinking of all the things in life that teach us patience. As a child, we go to bed Christmas Eve and wait for Santa -- could there be a longer night for a kid? As teens, we get our driver's permit at age 15 and wait till we're 16 to get our license. We take a test, such as the ACT, and wait weeks for the score. Later on, we apply for a job and wait for the phone to ring. We conceive a child and wait nine months to meet him or her. We're in a hurry to get in to town and wait for a train to pass in West Lake. We writers send off manuscripts and wait for editors' replies. Doesn't it seem we spend half our lives waiting? We plant all sorts of seeds in our lives. We wait. And watch them slowly grow.

What's been teaching you patience lately?


Burgh Baby said...

The exact same thing. I just planted $100 worth of bulbs which I know will be fantastic in the spring, but right now? MEH. I'm not sure I can stand the wait!

GerdieMom said...

Interesting point...wouldn't you think after all these years we would be good at it? It's still not easy!