Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Celtic Nations Heritage Festival

Here in southwest Louisiana, we celebrate just about anything and everything, especially all things Cajun French. But Irish, Scotch, and Welsh? Yes, indeed. I went to the Celtic Nations Heritage Festival today in downtown Lake Charles.

Two outdoor stages provided continuous music and entertainment. Note the leprechaun leaning against the tree.

Vendors sold all things tartan, should you want a scarf . . .

or a custom-made kilt . . .

so you can dress like these gentlemen. I do love a man in plaid.

There were coats of arms and Celtic crosses . . .

bobbles and bangles . . .

a bakery booth that sold shortbread, “eccles cakes,” which are small round puff pastries filled with raisins and spices, and “drunken Scot” bread pudding, glazed with a deliciously sweet whiskey-laced sauce.

I watched a harp demonstration . . .

and a sheep herding demonstration. See the border collie in the background? They sure kept those sheep in line.

This was a popular tent.

I’m sure there must be folks in the area with some Irish heritage, but I can’t say I know any. I do have friends here whose mother’s maiden name was McDonough. But they’re Yankees like me.

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