Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fat Tuesday

Happy Mardi Gras! Last year at this time, Eric was in the hospital, so we made a point of enjoying the festivities this year. We went into town for a few hours this afternoon to check out the day-long merriment. Mardi Gras season culminated tonight with the Krewe of Krewes parade; supposedly Lake Charles's biggest bawdiest parade of the season. The boys didn't want to stick around for it, but one of these days . . .

Street party revelers dancing to a zydeco band.

Mardi Gras trinket hawker.

Oooohh, scary pirate Krewe.

Horse-drawn buggy ride, anyone?

Beads lined up and awaiting the parade.

Don't know which Krewe they're on, but we liked their matching hats and jackets. I've heard Lake Charles has 50-some krewes.

We don't know this man, but Eric thought he looked like Teddy Roosevelt in Mardi Gras regalia.

Eric and Andrew bungee-racing in the "teenzone."
If any of my northern friends want to experience Mardi Gras some year, no need to go to New Orleans. Just come visit me here in Lake Charles.


Common Household Mom said...

It is just GREAT to see a picture of both your boys racing in the teen zone. Thank God for Eric's recovery.

I am also amazed at the photo of all the beads. Do they throw those at parade watchers as the Krewes pass by?

Angie said...

Yes, folks on floats toss "throws" to the spectators,like beads,candy, toys such as mini-footballs, stuffed animals, etc., but mostly beads and candy.