Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Imagination Celebration -- Raising Funds for the Lake Charles Children's Museum

When it comes to events in Southwest Louisiana, fundraisers are nearly as popular as festivals. We love to throw parties to raise money for anything and everything! Cures for countless diseases, animal shelters, arts organizations, churches, and every non-profit group you can think of. And trust me, these organizers know how to put the FUN in fundraiser!

Last Saturday, I attended a fundraiser for the Lake Charles Children's Museum.

Brief aside -- when we lived in Pittsburgh, we practically raised our sons at the Children's Museum. It was housed in an old historic building and offered several floors of fun, entertaining, and educational things for kids to do. One of our favorites was a giant climbing monstrosity called the Luckey Climber. The kids would spend what seemed like hours crawling through it. Invariably, they'd climb all the way to the top and get stuck. Then Bob would have to squeeze through and rescue them.

Thomas W. ("Tom") Luckey (January 6, 1940 – August 19, 2012) was an American architect and sculptor, best known for inventing abstract playgrounds called Luckey Climbers.[3] Luckey also created furniture, merry-go-rounds, and interiors. Huh, I did not know that until just now when I looked it up.

Now I'm completely off topic, but it's important to say that, when we moved to Lake Charles, even though our boys were a bit "old" (7th grade) for the Children's Museum, it's one of the first places we visited. It's a fantastic asset for Lake Charles' families. Website here.

Okay, now back to the fundraiser. They call it Imagination Celebration and they had an '80s theme.

Slash was there.

And Madonna costumes were quite popular. I got a kick out of going to the secondhand store and looking for outfits. I found a top that had shoulder pads (required in the '80s) and a ridiculously large clown-like collar. (Why did we do that?) I tried to make my hair "big" but heck, I didn't know how to do it in the '80s. Getting ready for this event was a nightmare of hair spray and gel. Felt like glue in my hair.

 I was going for the Don Johnson/Miami Vice look for Bob, which also was very popular at the event. Loose slouchy light-colored jacket. Turned up shirt collar. Pleated pants. Skinny knit tie.

A DJ duo played '80s tunes. There was incredible food from over 20 local eateries. 

Love these guys from Pops and Rockets. They make the most incredible awesome unique gourmet ice pops. Check out their Facebook page here.

And like most all fundraisers, there was a silent and live auction, karaoke contest, and 50/50 Split the Pot (we called this something else in Pa., and now I can't remember. Help me out, northern readers.)

What's your favorite good time for a good cause?

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