Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Making a Move

I’ve taken a bit of a blogging hiatus, maybe you’ve noticed. But I do have an excuse. I normally report on my travels and adventures, but the truth is, I haven’t gone anywhere recently! Instead, I’ve been MOVING. Yes, we finally sold our home in Moss Bluff and moved into the home in Lake Charles that we bought 6 MONTHS AGO!

So we’ve been unpacking boxes and trying to find places for clothes, furniture, dishes, you name it. It’s been a challenge, moving from 2300 or so square feet of home to 1700ish square feet. Where do we put everything! But we knew this going in. Downsizing. That's the whole point. How much space does a couple, with an occasional son or two visiting, need? In preparation for the move, we’d been purging closets and cupboards for months. Apparently, it wasn’t enough. So I continue to practice the 3 Gs -- Goodwill, garage sale, garbage.

It’s a good feeling, really, eliminating everything that we don’t really need, want, or use. We just don’t need that much STUFF! De-cluttering makes life simpler, easier, less stressful.

The last time we moved was seven years ago – from Pittsburgh to Moss Bluff. Odd that I can’t really recall how long it took for us to get comfortable in the new place; how long till the boxes were cleared from rooms and each nick nack had a home. We had boxes in our attic that had never been unpacked, and now they are sitting in our garage. No way are they going up into this attic! If we haven’t used something in the past seven years, we probably never will.

For now, I’m a bit preoccupied with picture placements, towel bar installations, kitchen and master bath remodeling, and finding Bob’s missing fingernail kit. But I hope to be back on the road exploring again soon.

When was the last time you moved and how long did it take you to settle in and get comfortable?


Common Household Mom said...

Wow. That's a 25% reduction in space. Bravo to you two!

I need to be practicing those 3 Gs even though we are not moving anytime soon. We last moved 20 years ago and have been accumulating stuff ever since. Some of it comes from elderly relatives' downsizing. I wish we had never accepted the stuff. It's very hard to get rid of once it is here.

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

When we moved to our current house 3 years ago, we downsized from what was basically a 5-bedroom house to a 3-bedroom house. My husband retired with this move, so we had all boxes dealt with in one way or another within a month or two.
With one move, we left all 4 kids at the grandparents' house and got unpacked in 8 days (full-time unpacking) but it was exhausting. Most of our moves involved leaving things in boxes for several years (especially my old craft supplies). You are smart to go through everything and deal with those G's.