Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

They're Growing Up So Fast

As if I could forget, I receive daily reminders that my sons are growing up at lightening speed. The writing is scribbled in bright bold magic markers all over the proverbial wall. They'll be high school seniors next year. They're driving now. Andrew's high school yearbook senior pictures were taken this morning. College brochures are a staple in the mail box these days. And our two weeks of vacation this summer revolve around visiting colleges across Louisiana and Texas. Our dinner table talk is often about ACT tests and GPAs, tuition and scholarships, potential majors and job prospects. The boys will be eligible to vote in this year's presidential election. And they'll soon be required to register for the draft. Now there's a scary thought.

Where did the years go? How did they pass so quickly? It seems like only yesterday I sent them off to first grade on the school bus, tears in my eyes. When children are young, parents constantly hear the words, Oh, enjoy them while they're little. They grow up so fast. Yet no one truly believes it. We grow weary of hearing it. It's difficult to fathom, all those years still ahead of us. Until they are on the cusp of their senior year in high school, and we realize, we've got one year left. One short year to ascertain that we've taught them everything they need to know to survive in this world. Can they cook, do their laundry, clean their home? (Thank goodness for chores.) Can they fix things and shop for groceries? Are they kind and respectful? Will they remember their manners? What have I forgotten to show them, tell them, share with them?

The scariest thing about becoming a parent is that kids don't come with instruction manuals. And now I've got one year left. How do I know if I've covered all the material? I think kids should have to take an "end-of-childhood test" in order to know if they are truly ready to pass into adulthood. But no one has ever come up with such an exam. As parents, I guess we do the best we can. And then pray.


Melanie Rigney said...

Your entry gave me goosebumps. The writing so lyrics... and don't doubt, friend. You've done good work. Just ask those young men of yours.

Angie Kay Dilmore said...


Common Household Mom said...

I have the very same feelings as the ones you express here.

Anonymous said...

So happens so quickly. I am spending this summer drinking in my Keaghan...she leaves in August for Virginia. How can that be?

Enjoy your young men while you have them close at hand.


Jess * Jessie * Jessy said...

I don't think anything prepares you for being out in the world and on your own. It's OTJT - on the job training. I can't believe Chaney turned 29 when it seems like just yesterday I was being rolled through the delivery room with her on my chest.

From the time she left for college, I've been amazed at the things that have popped up that I DIDN'T prepare her for. But there's one thing we parents can do and that's surround our kids with prayer, keep their names on our lips and plead God's hedge of protection around them. Their challenges are different from what we faced as kids.

Good post, Angie. You and your hubby have raised good boys and I know God will bless you for it.