Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Friday, March 9, 2012

Bowl--ing For Dollars

I love annual events. Because if I want to go or participate in something but miss it for some reason, I can always go . . . next year. Such was the case earlier today. For the past several years, I’ve been curious about a fundraiser sponsored by McNeese State University’s art department called GumBowl. The art students create around 575 ceramic bowls.

For ten bucks, you get a bowl of your choice, and a bowl of gumbo. Popular local caterer The Brickhouse provided vats of gumbo, with a choice of chicken and sausage or seafood.

I laughed at myself because I imagined one would choose a bowl, and the gumbo would be served in that bowl. Immediately, my OCD kicked in. Are these bowls clean? Look, everyone is touching them! But I needn’t have worried. They wrap your bowl in newspaper and serve the gumbo in Styrofoam.

I couldn’t resist those shrimp. But swimming along with those shrimp were two plump juicy oysters. Can you see them? I’ve never liked oysters. And to prove it, I actually ate one today. Nope, decidedly do not like oysters. For my northern readers, that’s potato salad atop the gumbo.

I chose this pretty blue bowl. And a purple one for a friend.

Totally off topic here . . . does anyone remember the TV game
show Bowling For Dollars? Just thinking about that reminds me of my grandparents.


Melanie Rigney said...

OMG! I had the same reaction to the bowls--thank you for being brave enough to share your thoughts (and glad they were for take-home, not eating there). Yes, loved Bowling for Dollars. Those were the days!

Common Household Mom said...

I find it quite amusing that there is potato salad (!) on top of the gumbo. Sort of like putting french fries on top of a salad, 'n 'at!

Jan Rider Newman said...

Ooh--french fries on top of salad. Sounds good. I wondered about how the gumbo would be served too. I like your bowl. Very pretty.
Now, Angie, I tagged you on my blogsite. Jess tagged me after Sylvia tagged her, and that was the house Jack built. Anyway, my answers go up this evening. Participate if you want to. :)

Angie said...

CHM, what you can't see in the photo is that there is rice underneath the gumbo. Carbs upon carbs.

Jess said...

A friend of mine in Lafayette never serves her gumbo without serving potato salad--not ON the gumbo though. The worst thing about being a vegetarian is not being able to fix my chicken and sausage gumbo.

Good post, Angie, and yeah, I was wondering about the serving arrangments but you knoww me--a germaphobia, which is why I'm a vegetarian.

Here in Oklahoma the news is going crazy over the pink slime that's in all meats. The grocery stores here are refusing some of the meats. I guess this is national news...maybe not. I haven't left the local stations since we're always having thunderstorms and tor-threats. :/

Miss you all!

Jess said...

I think that was supposed to be -- germaphobic? Well... you know. I'm compusive now in my old age. Hope you're having a great week and working on that NOVEL!