Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Monday, April 19, 2010

Census Trivia

Sorry, but this is pretty much all I'm thinking about lately.

  • The first U.S. Census was conducted in 1790.
  • Approximately 47 million housing units do not return a questionnaire to the Census Bureau.
  • The government hires approximately 650,000 around the country to perform the task of collecting unreturned questionnaires. This is the largest peacetime workforce assembled at one time.
  • 360 million questionnaires have been printed. Stacked one on top of another, a pile of these forms would stand about 29 miles high — more than five times higher than Mount Everest. Stretched end to end, these questionnaires would circle the globe three times. That's a lot of paper. And that's only a fraction of the forms. You should see my dining room, transformed into my "office." Piles of forms everywhere.
  • The above questionnaires weigh 11.6 million pounds and used 295,259 pounds of ink.
  • Taxpayers would save 1.5 billion dollars if everyone completed and mailed back their census questionnaire. Receiving census forms by mail is much less expensive and saves taxpayers approximately $85 million for every percentage point increase in the national mail participation rate.
  • It costs the government 42 cents to process a mailed-in questionnaire and an average of $57.00 if a census worker must go to the home.
  • The national percentage of households who have returned their questionnaires as of today is 69%.


beverly said...

I wonder how many trees stand no longer because of non-returned forms. People are not thinking green that is for sure. Interesting figures you posted. Thanks for the trivia.

GerdieMom said...

I made a mistake on the first one (if you can believe that) and was under the impression that they send a 2nd one, so I thought I would turn in the 2nd. Does that seem right to you? I'm still waiting on the 2nd one.

Angie said...

Lisa, I don't know. Did you request a second one and they said they'd send one? Maybe someone will just come to your house.

GerdieMom said...

I saw on the news that they would send a second round of surveys.

Jan Rider Newman said...

Hi, Angie. :)