Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bike Ride on a Beautiful Morning

I registered to ride in the Tour LaFitte next weekend. My distance choices were 10, 27, 40, 50, or 62. While I have ridden my bike as many as 75 miles in a day, that was several years ago. I haven't ridden more than 15-20 in quite awhile. So I chose the 27 mile ride. I told Bob I needed to make sure I could still do that distance, before I attempted the ride in public. This morning offered the perfect opportunity. The boys were in Dallas all weekend on a band trip. And the early sunshine beckoned us. A stiff breeze from the west challenged the first half of our ride, but we didn't mind, knowing the wind would be at our backs on our return. Honeysuckle seemed to bloom overnight and scented the air with spring sweetness. Bluebirds, cardinals, and jays crossed our path, singing and playing in the brush along the roadside. Vultures pecked at unidentifiable roadkill. Somewhere between our house and Sulphur, we stopped at a boat launch with a charming gazebo. A green gecko pranced across the rail, back and forth, flirting, and showing off his lovely orange throat. A fascinating large white spider-like flower grew along the water's edge. Does anyone know what this flower is? I wished I'd had my camera. Pollen puffed through the air in golden clouds, making our noses run. And no bike ride is complete without a few dogs chasing us down the road. Though the couple canines today were hardly menacing. With all that beauty, the miles passed quickly. I'm ready for next weekend. All I need is someone to ride with.


Common Household Mom said...

It sounds wonderful! I wish I could join you, but several factors eliminate me: location, creakiness of bones, and flabbiness of muscles. I will try to take myself to aerobics today in honor of your past and future 27 mile bike rides.

Luke said...

I'll be there, and I'm looking forward to it, Angie, though I haven't taken a trial run. 27 miles sounds doable. We'll see.

Greg said...

have fun angie