Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Friday, September 11, 2009

Arts in Lake Charles

I love the arts scene here in Lake Charles. For a small town, there are oodles of art galleries, frequent arts festivals, and much support of everything artistic, including music, theater, artsy art, even writing. Area businesses prominently and proudly display and sell the works of local artists. One of our favorite places in town is Old City Hall, a historic building that's essentially a museum. They host fascinating traveling art shows. The boys were off school today, so we went to Old City Hall to see the current exhibit, The New Reality: The Frontier of Realism in the 21st Century. Here, in side by side paintings, you see contemporary works of art compared to masters' classics. The boys and I enjoyed comparing similarities, contrasting differences. We delighted in the whimsical, and were awed by the amazing talent. Some examples had us scratching our heads to understand the connection. If you live in or near Lake Charles, I highly recommend you see this show.

Afterwards, we ate lunch at one of my new favorite places in town, Stellar Beans. Great coffee, excellent soup, sandwiches, and salads. Nice atmosphere and free WiFi. I only got this one shot of the boys. Once they realized what I was doing, if I tried to take their picture, Eric held up the newspaper and Andrew held up a pillow. Teenagers.

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