Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Monday, March 21, 2016

A-Z Challenge Theme Reveal

Just yesterday, I was shocked when, in the course of a conversation with my husband, I realized we have lived in Louisiana nearly NINE YEARS! How is that possible? I still feel like the new kid on the block. Since arriving in this beautiful state NINE YEARS AGO, I have loved exploring and playing the tourist in my own backyard. There's an adventure around every corner!

I've been a blogger since 2008, but I have never participated in the annual April Blogging from A-Z Challenge. I decided I am up for the "challenge" this year. The goal is to blog every day in the month of April (except for Sundays) and write about something that starts with the letter A on the first day, and working through the alphabet until Z on the last day of the month. It is not required, but many bloggers like to have a theme. Because my blog generally (but not exclusively) focuses on travel and adventure in and around Louisiana, I chose Louisiana festivals for my theme. There are so many different things to celebrate in Louisiana -- food, music, animals, holidays --  and there's a festival for most everything. I'll be highlighting different aspects of Louisiana culture through the avenue of festivals, and of course many cities and towns along the way.

This photo was taken at the Gueydan Duck Festival several years ago.

Stay tuned!


Ann said...

Awesome theme! I've only been to one famous Louisiana festival/celebration... Mardi Gras. But, I'm sure there are plenty more fun and unique ones. Maybe one will correspond with our trip there sometime in the next year.

Angie Kay Dilmore said...

Thanks, Ann. Your theme looks really cool, too! Travel journal prompts for kids!

betty said...

That sounds like a great theme! I'm sure there are lots of festivals down there in Louisiana. Its an area I haven't visited but I bet it is beautiful there! We moved from Montana almost 10 years ago and I still can't believe it has been that long since we were living there :) Have a great challenge!


Angie Kay Dilmore said...

Thanks, Betty! I see you live in Arizona. My in-laws live in Sun City. We visited them last month. Love to visit them! We rode in a hot air balloon near Phoenix. Check out that post!

Scarlett Braden said...

Your theme sounds like a wonderful adventure! I look forward to reading about the festivals. Welcome to the challenge and best of luck to you!
@ScarlettBraden from
Chica In Cuenca

Soumya said...

Louisiana festivals sound so nice! Looking forward to read your posts!

I do not see the A to Z challenge badge on your blog though. Can you please put it up?

Thank you!

Angie Kay Dilmore said...

Hi Soumya. I will try. I did see that request when I first signed up, and I attempted to do so, but the link took me to a website that required registration sign-up, password, etc rigamarole, and I didn't feel like doing it. It should be less complicated. Like something I can copy/paste. Is that somehow an option?