Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Good Time Brewers

I like beer, but I'm rather picky about it and have a very narrow range of brews I appreciate. I'm mostly fond of amber or dark beers with a hint of sweetness -- Michelob Amber Bock, Killian's Red, Penn Dark all work. My current favorite is Alien Amber.

Back when we lived in Pennsylvania, my husband Bob brewed beer as a hobby. He occasionally talks about getting back into this pastime, so we visited the Brew Shop in Lake Charles today.

Southwest Louisiana is home to a very active home beer brewing community. There's even a club of home brewers called the Good Time Brewers, also called Les Brasseurs Bon Ton, because we are, after all, in Louisiana.

The Good Time Brewers meet once a month at various members' homes. These beer connoisseurs bring home brews, have beer tastings, discuss beer types, styles, "notes", brewing methods, upcoming competitions, and they share a meal. There are currently around 40 club members. Membership is by invitation only.

The Brew Shop at 2915 Common St. sells supplies and kits for both beer and wine making.

Ira Sawyer opened his shop in Sulphur in 2008. They moved to the Common St. address last year.

Ira's son Marcus, who works in the shop and is also a club member, says some of the more popular beers among home brewers include milk stouts and pale ales. The club participated in the first annual Louisiana Winter Beer Festival this past February. (Read that post here.)

For more information, call the Brew Shop at 337-656-8849 or check out the Shop's website here, on Facebook, or the Brewers website here.

What's your favorite beer?

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Common Household Mom said...

I'm not fond of beer, so I don't have a favorite. But a club that is by invitation only - pretty exclusive!