Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fur and Wildlife Festival, Cameron, LA

Last weekend, Cameron  Louisiana hosted its annual Fur and Wildlife Festival. This is one I’ve been meaning to attend, but have not yet made it. In addition to the usual fair fare of tantalizing food, amusement park rides and games, craft vendors, gumbo-cookoff, live music and a parade, at the Fur and Wildlife Festival, they also have duck and goose calling, nutria-skinning , trap shooting, and oyster shucking competitions.

Last Saturday was a beautiful day for a festival, and my kayaking friend Ian Wright took his daughter Clairelynn. She agreed to write a guest post for me. So, Clairelynn, take it away!

The Fur and Wildlife Festival in Cameron was really fun. They had plenty of fun games, good food, awesome rides, and music. There were a bunch of people there at least a thousand, we even saw people we knew while meeting others we didn't. 

There was skeet shooting and duck and goose calling. We played a bunch of the midway games and they were really fun.

The food was amazing. They were serving things like alligator sausage, jambalaya, boudin, gumbo, smoked sausage, and crawfish. 

Most of the rides were loud, but really fun.

The music was amazing . Over all it was really great!

Clairelynn Wright
10 years old
5th grade at Our Lady Queen of Heaven School, Lake Charles, LA

Hobbies include Art, 4H, Dancing, Volleyball, and Kayaking

Photos courtesy of Claire and Ian.

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Common Household Mom said...

Great post, Clairelynn! It is so cold today where I am, that I was overjoyed to read anything about fur. It looks like there was a lot more than just fur at this festival.