kayaking on Loch Leven near Glencoe, Scotland, 2018

kayaking on Loch Leven near Glencoe, Scotland, 2018

Friday, October 12, 2012

Flashback Friday -- Missing Autumn

Fall is in the air . . . or is it? Here in southwest Louisiana, it depends on the week. Last week, we reveled in a reprieve from the heat. This week, we're back to summer.

I wrote a post a couple years ago about missing autumn in the northeast. (Read it here.) I still do miss it, but I've grown to appreciate fall in this part of the world. October is one of my favorite months. I think we in the south might be more grateful for the cooler temperatures (I'm talking 60s and 70s here, folks), after living through the oppressive heat of summer. I relish these weeks, even a month or two, when the AC is mostly off and before the cement slab beneath my house has turned into a chill radiator.

Wherever you live, I hope you bask in the season. Please leave a comment and tell me how you savor autumn.


Common Household Mom said...

I do savor autumn. Chilly nights, warm days, beautiful leaves, and pumpkin. Mmmm!

Angie Kay Dilmore said...

I bought pumpkin flavored frozen waffles at Sam's Club this week.

Unknown said...

Hi, Angie. Fall in Louisiana is special. I, too, love October. However, I just got back from Minnesota, where I got a big helping of what Fall is like in the rest of the country--upper 20s at night, 40s-50s during the day, low humidity. Less satisfied with the Louisiana version now. :)

Angie Kay Dilmore said...

Jan, that sounds cold!