Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunset at Prien Lake Park

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Louisiana Tech, Ruston, LA

This past Friday, Bob, Eric and I drove to Ruston, Louisiana for a tour of Louisiana Tech University. And so it begins. College tours. I didn’t mind the eight hour round trip. Too much. This was the farthest north we’d been in the Bayou State, and I enjoyed the opportunity to explore a new area. As we drove through the miles and miles of rural countryside, I was reminded just how easily one could become lost in Louisiana. We saw town after tiny town, dotted with small steepled churches, gas stations, and Dollar Generals. We left home early, knowing we’d want some time to explore Ruston. I’d say we gave ourselves a bit too much extra time. We knew it would be a small town, but even in small towns, I usually find something to interest me. There were some shops – ladies’ clothing boutiques, children’s stores, a jeweler. And banks.

And a couple interesting restaurants. We ate lunch at a cute Italian place called Monjuni’s. The food was good, but their bread pudding was amazing – tasted much like a cinnamon roll.

Sadly, I found none of the small-town places I usually enjoy – museums, art galleries, and antique shops.

Then on to the school. LA Tech is the quintessential small college campus. Lots of imposing brick and mortar,

crisscrossing sidewalks, a few fountains, statues. And students.

It might be a good fit for Eric. He likes the idea of a smaller school; they have an excellent engineering department, and wonderful scholarships. But he wasn’t impressed with Ruston. There will be many more school visits throughout this next year. And lots of exploring!

Hey, I know some of my readers went to LA Tech. What do you all think? Any suggestions of other schools we should visit?


Jan Rider Newman said...

Is Eric tired of Natchitoches?

Angie Kay Dilmore said...

He might be, Jan, but he's in high school there.

Common Household Mom said...

We'll be starting the college tours this summer. I hope you have more fun on your next tour, wherever it might be.

Jan Rider Newman said...

And everyone knows you can't go to college in the same town where you went to high school. :)

Anonymous said...

You should look at Southwestrn University in Georgetown, TX. It's a small liberal arts university in a country town just north of Austin. Our daughter went there and had the most amazing college experience. She is now in medical school and doing great!